How to make hair curly forever

Curly hair always looks stylish and beautiful because it makes the whole look light, airy and romantic. Sometimes a messy lock of curls looks mischievous, unruly, and fun. Sexy and sophisticated look is achieved by a lady with curly hair in lightweight waves. The festive look can be created even at home, it is enough to curl the straight locks into small bouncy rings.

Every woman thinks up her own image, no small part of which is her hairstyle. However, not every member of the fair sex knows how to make her hair curly forever.

curly hair

Among the hair-altering methods known to our grandmothers are curling iron and curlers, as well as curlers. If you follow certain steps consistently, your naturally straight hair will really curl into a mischievous curl.

Using curlers

The first thing you need to do is brush your hair gently. It should be smooth and not tangled. Then you need to decide on the nature of the curls: how long and how big they should be. If a slight wave is supposed to be a part of a hairstyle, take thick strands. If the hairstyle will have fine curls, the preference should be given to strands that are finer and finer in structure.

The next step can be taken according to the wishes of the masters. Hair is sprayed with a special hair spray. Hair gel or foam can provide a worthy substitute for the spray. These products will help to fix the individual parts of the hair and keep it in its original form throughout the event.


If a girl is not a fan of such cosmetic products, you can use an old method that does not harm your hair. Before direct curling the curl should be soaked with running water.

After the foam has been applied to the strands, they can be twisted on curlers. The curling elements should remain on the hair for a certain period of time. The curlers are then gently removed without damaging the structure of each strand. Hair can also be dried with a hair dryer. Hairspray can help consolidate the result. This step-by-step instruction on how to use curlers can answer the question of how to make your hair curly forever. Visually, it looks quite pretty.

Replacing old curlers

In today’s beauty world, old curlers can be replaced by their more manageable counterparts. You can’t imagine that nowadays you don’t have to sleep with uncomfortable items on your head all night long in order to get stylish curls.

Representatives of beauty salons as an old analogue for curling suggest using thermal curlers. Not only do they dramatically reduce the time it takes to curl your hair, but they also allow for longer-lasting curling results on your head. This curling method will be another answer to the question of girls on how to make their hair permanently curly at home without any difficulty.

Correct use of curlers

The first and most important rule in using this curling iron is to place it only on clean and slightly damp hair. When applying these curling parts, the hair must also be separated into individual strands, which are then twisted onto the element. The principle of curling is reminiscent of wrapping a sweetie in a bow.

After all the necessary hair strands have been twisted, the hair is finished by drying it with a hairdryer. The curls are finally set throughout the night. Hence, the curlers must be in place all night long. In the morning, they are removed from the hair very carefully, the hair is combed or simply whipped. The result can surpass all expectations: the hair looks charming and neat, and the curls can hold for a long time.

Correct use of curlers

Curlers are a very handy tool to use. They are made of soft material and are very comfortable during sleep. Purchase this hair accessory is feasible in any shop with cosmetics and jewelry. The curlers can be replaced with simple strips of sturdy fabric. Thus, one can easily answer the question of how to make a girl’s hair curly forever with the help of curlers.

A reliable curling iron

One of the most reliable curling methods is the curling iron. The length of hair that is best curled with a curling iron is below your shoulders. As very short hair is almost impossible to curl with curling irons, and curls on long hair will unravel under their own weight.

When starting curling, you should remember that you should only use a curling iron on clean and dry strands. If you do not take into account these rules, there is a risk of sufficiently severely damage the hair on the entire length. So, now all the girls know how to make hair curly forever without chemistry with a curling iron at home.

Curly Hair

After washing and drying hair with a hair dryer, it is divided into equal diameter strands. As a rule of thumb, the entire head is divided into three parts:

  • temples;
  • temple;
  • The back of the head.

But the division of hair on the head is not always carried out according to the above example. The main thing is to make sure that the future owner of curls is comfortable to work with a curling iron. The hair is divided into equal parts and pinned, leaving only few free strands.

Small strands of hair are curled in succession:

  1. The locking of the lock of hair is done directly with the curling iron at the roots of the hair. The strand is wrapped a couple of times around the curler. The tool is then moved a little lower, where the rest of the curl is also curled.
  2. The curling iron is held in place for 20 seconds and the tool is then gently pulled off the strand. It is important to proceed carefully, as the strand is very hot and can lose its attractive appearance quite quickly.
  3. Following the above example, all the curls are curled one by one. After the treatment, comb the hair and fluff it up a bit by fixing it with varnish.

Now all fashionistas know how to make your hair curly forever using a curling iron.

The finer points of using the tools

When choosing a curler in a shop, look closely at the coating on the tool. A ceramic-coated tool can curl hair safely and frequently. This material protects the hair from drying out and the harmful effects of heat on the bun structure.

Curly Hair

When using a curler, you can also use foams, mousses and other curling products that can provide stunning results and keep it for a long time. The application of such products on the hair is done just before the curling procedure itself.

Without technical aids

Many ladies of the beautiful half of humanity wonder if it is possible to make curly hair permanently without a curling iron. In addition to the traditional curling methods listed above, it is possible to do without the use of expensive machinery.

The first method of curling is probably familiar to every schoolgirl. Clean and slightly damp strands of hair are simply braided tightly. The braids can be as many as you like. This hairstyle lasts all night. As a result of sleep after braiding neat curls can be formed.
Important: the more braids a girl weaves on her head, the smaller the diameter of the wave will be. To get a slight wave in a hairstyle, it is necessary to braid just one element.

Curly Hair

Another curling method that will help you figure out how to make your hair curly forever does not require any financial outlay. A curling iron can be applied to clean, slightly damp hair. It allows you to create curls simply and effortlessly. The strands of hair are kneaded and shaken a bit. This variant of curling will produce only slight waves on all the hair.

The unconventional method

This curl option is perfect for those girls who don’t know how to permanently make their hair curly without a curling iron. A lock of hair is twisted into place with the fingers. The result should be neat rings, which additionally fix hairpins.

After the work, the strands are secured with hairspray and left in a pinned state for 30 minutes. After the hair clips are removed, a girl can brag about neat curls.

Curling with chemicals

Curling hair with chemicals is a controversial method.

Contraindications to use:

  • previously coloured hair;
  • Weak and lifeless locks;
  • pregnancy.

Perming involves twisting the hair in a certain way. Curled locks are coated with a special compound. After the mixture is absorbed, the hair takes the required shape, which is fixed with a special locking agent.

In the world of hairdressing art there are several methods of curling hair with chemistry. It all depends on the desired result. After curling, it is possible to get different structures of curls. For example, curling up on curlers leads to a slight wave. Spiral curling, on the other hand, suggests the appearance of tight curls.

One of the gentlest chemo options that can answer the question of how to make hair curly forever, is a baby perm. It is carried out after covering the head with a special cap-film. The hair is pulled out through the holes on the product and twisted in the standard way.

A basic understanding of chemistry

It’s worth remembering that each perm can last a certain length of time on hair. One perms can last for six months, but their counterparts last only four to five weeks. It’s important to keep in mind that if your hair has been subjected to a perm, it should be washed with special shampoos. These will not only help to rebalance the scalp, but will also ensure that the hair is properly cared for.

Curly Hair

If necessary, you can have your hair cut by a professional who will cut the split ends and give advice on how to take care of your hair.

An alternative method

Bioswirl can be a worthy alternative to simple chemo. Not only will it answer the question of how to make hair curly forever in the salon, but it will also protect your hair from the damaging effects of chemistry. No harmful ammonia can be found in the products used for this procedure. On the contrary, the active ingredient in biochemicals is protein, which helps to keep hair healthy.

The whole procedure to find out how to make a man’s hair curly for good is not different in scheme from performing a simple chemo. The strands are twisted on bobbins and smeared with a special solution. The entire process of creating curls without using chemistry takes no more than two hours.

As a result, it can be said that no matter what kind of curls a girl has, it is important that they be healthy and beautiful. After all, hair is the main ornament of women all over the world.

How do you make straight hair curly?

If you have straight hair that’s difficult to curl, applying a little sculpting mousse or foam will help keep the curls in place for longer. To get wavy hair, braid it in braids. The more braids, the more wavy your hair will be. Braid at least two braids on each side.

How do I make my curls last all day?

To keep the curls long, leave them in for a few minutes first. Avoid spraying varnish directly onto strands that are hot from the curling iron. It’s totally uncomplicated, but important for curls to last. Only when the curls have cooled should you start to pull them apart with your fingers and apply varnish.

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