Hair care

If your hair has become a mess and there’s nothing you can do about it, don’t go straight to the hairdresser. Our experts explain the simple steps and new habits that can help improve the condition of your hair. And rest assured, we’ve got all the information.

Most girls are unhappy with their hair. One reason is the creation of conditions that make it difficult for hair to be healthy. Toxins, frequent colouring, the use of heat styling tools, and the regular use of polishes and mousse are all damaging to strands in one way or another. While the extent of damage is immediately visible with colour lightening, the damage caused by toxins or styling products is more gradual and takes a few months to fade, when the structure of the hair is irreversibly damaged.

There is another, equally common, cause of frustration: It’s hard to find the perfect treatment because “it’s not working”. Here’s how to improve the condition of your hair in 3 steps, and how to find the perfect care kit for you.

If your favourite shampoo doesn’t suit you, don’t feel bad. With proper alternation, almost any shampoo can be used. How to alternate: Use the shampoo that suits your skin type for the first 5 washes and then try alternating after 1-2 washes with a different shampoo.

Some shampoos are still tailored to the hair type. Sulphate-free shampoos are ideal for colour treated hair or for use after chemical treatments because they are gentle on the structure. Anti-yellow shampoos are used to treat yellow discolouration of bleached or grey hair. There are also anti-dandruff/hair-loss shampoos that are tailored to address and prevent a specific problem, regardless of skin or hair type.