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History of hair extensions

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Tape in hair extensions

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Hair extensions

Clip in hair extensions

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Ombré without colouring with hair extensions

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Hair extensions are a hair machine that quickly transports you to a brighter future. Where hair is already long and luxurious. In this article, you’ll first find out what the procedure is. Secondly, if it has any side effects. And finally, you’ll understand if you should get hair extensions.

Hair extensions: how to go and what kinds are available

The market today is overflowing with offers of hair extensions. You only have to search for information about the service once. And the advertisements of the salons will haunt you for a long time! But how to choose the best among all the ads? First of all, you have to decide whether you want capsule or ribbon hair extensions.

Capsule extensions

It’s when a hair extender attaches small, transparent capsules the size of a grain of rice to the strands of hair. And from the capsules, long strands of hair “grow out”. The attachment points are invisible and hidden from prying eyes. Only long, thick locks are visible. However, the capsules are attached under the influence of temperature. Unfortunately, this can damage the hair.

Capsule hair extensions are comfortable to wear. It can be used to “continue” almost any haircut. And later on, you can create a variety of hairstyles. But the key point here is the work of the craftsman and his knowledge of capsule attachment techniques. What happens if you come across an inexperienced technician? Unfortunately, long strands of hair will not last a week.

Therefore, before the procedure it’s worth to ask around and read reviews about hair extensions professionals. Finally, try to choose the most reliable ones. Then the procedure will be fast and effective. And you will only have to properly care for your new luxurious hairstyle.

What is ribbon hair extension?

The advantage of ribbon extensions is that they are done without applying too much heat. Tape extensions are attached to the hair strands with an adhesive. This doesn’t allow for any experimental hair styles and it’s generally less comfortable. But it’s much safer.

Many girls wonder what kind of material is used for extensions. It can be either artificial monofilaments or natural hair strands. Among the natural ones, there are Asian, European and Slavic strands. By the way, the latter are better suited to most Russian girls. Therefore, they are more expensive. The length and colour of the hair will also help you to choose in the salon.