Home hair lamination

The lamination procedure is one of the most fashionable and effective. It can be done in any beauty salon.

What is lamination?

Lamination is used to make hair more attractive and to protect it from environmental damage. After treatment your hair becomes less susceptible to ultraviolet light, frost, wind, heat, chemicals, chlorinated and salt water. Rough, lifeless, dull strands become smooth, strong and shiny. They are easy to style, volume is increased by 10-25%. Lamination is a coating of hair with a special compound, giving it a healthy look.

Laminating hair is not a therapeutic procedure. It only helps to mask the existing problems.

This procedure is performed in several stages, each with a different technology of application. Only one treatment is needed to achieve the desired effect.

Lamination is suitable for everyone. The special formulations are hypoallergenic. They can be applied to pregnant and lactating women. Professional products contain minerals and vitamins that restore the hair at a cellular level.

Lamination and keratin straightening are two completely different procedures.

Lamination is only a cosmetic procedure. The strands are coated with silicone. There is no cumulative effect. The curls return to their former state after 2-3 weeks.

Keratin straightening is therapeutic, restorative and cosmetic. Keratin saturates the hair and nourishes it from within. After this procedure, the curls get a healthy look. They look silky, smooth and shiny. Keratin straightening is effective for six months and has a cumulative effect.

Pros and cons of home lamination

Like any cosmetic procedure, home lamination has its advantages and disadvantages.

Cost is one of its important advantages. A salon treatment is expensive, so regular visits to a beauty salon will put a big dent in your family budget.

It is suitable for all hair types and lengths, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

It glues shredded ends together and protects healthy ones.

Straightens the strands.

After the treatment, the curls look thick, shiny and soft.

It’s not always safe to do this treatment, as you can choose unsuitable products that will only further damage your hair: dry hair is made even drier, stiff hair is made tougher.

It’s not easy to do it yourself, as you might not be able to spread the formula completely through your hair or rinse it out completely.

In case of individual intolerance, allergic reactions, sores, burns, redness, there will be no one to ask for help.

The effect can be unpredictable. You could even lose your hair.

Home lamination reviews

VictoriaВиктория, 37 лет отзыв

Tried laminating at home. Of course, you can’t compare with what hair looks like after professional lamination in a beauty salon. At least, it did not work for me. My hair got shiny, though.

MarinaМарина, 31 год

I have been doing lamination at home for a few years now. The effect lasts about two weeks. Why should I pay someone when I can do it myself?

AnnaАнна, 24 год

Did the lamination myself. Hair looks silky. I love how shiny and manageable it has become. I don’t know how to style my hair professionally, but without styling products, my hair has lasted two days.

Popular in-store laminating products

You can buy laminating formulas in shops selling special cosmetics. The most popular ones are:

  1. Concept smart lamination. Although this is a new line, it has already become popular. The kit consists of three items: a hot phase formulation, a cold phase product and an elixir mousse. The set is unique in that no polyamide film appears on the hair after application, but a thin membrane. This protects hair from environmental damage. It maintains proper breathing and water balance. After the treatment, hair looks conditioned, shiny and manageable.Concept smart lamination
  2. Paul Mitchell INKWORKS. This series contains professional products. It includes a special cleansing and fortifying shampoo, a moisturizing, nourishing and revitalizing mask, and a laminating agent that forms a light-reflective protective film. The range also includes a special product for weakened and long hair.Paul Mitchell INKWORKS
  3. Matrix PRO+. It consists of three items: a transparent shade, a deep conditioning treatment for weak and long hair and a transparent cream that gives instant straightening. The active ingredients, penetrating the structure, nourish the hair. They are fully restored, damaged areas are filled in, and a film helps protect them.Matrix PRO+
  4. Sebastian Laminates Cellophanes. This is a professional line for clear and coloured laminations. A set consists of several products: a laminating agent (the line includes 9 rich shades and one clear shade), a shampoo to shine, moisturize or protect the colour, and a protein mask with a light conditioning effect.Sebastian Laminates Cellophanes
  5. Lebel. A lot of people have heard of the brand’s products. A set consists of three or four items: gel or cream laminating agent (it can be colorless or tinted), a special pearl shampoo, pearl conditioner and lotion to consolidate the effect of treatment before the procedure.Lebel
  6. Hair Company. The company has launched two series: for curly hair and straight hair. The line consists of several products: a shampoo for restoration and cleansing, hot and cold phases, an oil and a mask for hair restoration. The composition for the hot phase helps the active substances to penetrate the structure, the cold phase product has a regenerating and astringent effect, and the mask promotes regeneration and nourishes the hair.Hair Company
  7. Dikson. A set with several products: a nourishing complex serum, a vitamin bath, a nourishing and regenerating formula and a replenishing liquid fluid.Dikson
  8. Constant Delight. This line consists of several products: shampoo, composition for a hot wrap, massage serum, mask and liquid silk.Constant Delight

Hair Laminating with Folk Remedies

The main advantage of folk remedies is the all-natural composition. However, the effect of such a treatment will last considerably less. Sometimes it even disappears straight after washing your hair.

A mask with egg, kefir and mayonnaise

This mask nourishes and strengthens the hair.маска с кефиром

Take one soup spoonful of kefir, one soup spoonful of mayonnaise and one egg. Mix and beat the ingredients. Spread the mixture on the roots. Either cover head with a towel or put on a shower cap. Rinse off after 30 minutes with cool water.

Home Laminating with Castor Oil

Castor oil is remarkable because it has no contraindications. It is suitable for everyone. This mask makes hair smooth and manageable, makes up for vitamin B deficiencies.касторовое масло

A single egg white, three to four tablespoons of plain, natural yoghurt and one tablespoon of warmed castor oil are enough for a mask. Mix the ingredients together. Apply the mixture all over, from the roots to the tips. Cover head with clingfilm. Rinse off after an hour with warm water.

A very effective mask with kefir

This kefir-based mask is one of the most effective. It nourishes and regenerates the curls. After the treatment they are beautiful and healthy.С кефиром

Melt 15 ml honey and warm 50 ml buttermilk in a water bath. Mix ingredients and apply. Brush through the hair, distributing evenly over the entire length. Mask should be kept for 30-60 minutes. Rinse out with shampoo. The treatment should be repeated twice a week.

Laminating with Gelatin

Gelatine is a food additive that clever housewives use to make jelly or gelatine. It is ideal for repairing weakened hair because it is a natural storehouse of collagen. This substance fills voids in the hair, retains moisture in it, the curls get a well-groomed look. Thanks to gelatin lamination hair becomes thicker. Gelatin can accumulate inside the hair. It strengthens its structure and protects the curls from unfavourable conditions.Желатиновая маска для кудрявых волос

The recipe of the mixture is simple. Dissolve one soup spoonful in three tablespoons of slightly warm boiling water. Stir well. Cover and leave to stand for 20 minutes. Once the gelatine has swollen, heat the mixture until the remaining lumps have completely dissolved.

IMPORTANT: Do not bring the mixture to the boil, otherwise it will lose all its useful properties.

To the resulting mixture add half a tablespoon of balm, conditioner or hair mask, which you usually use.

Shampoo your hair before the treatment, then lightly blot the curls. They should remain slightly damp. Apply the product to the hair, avoiding the scalp. Apply the product quickly as it will harden in the dish. If the product has set, you can reheat it and then continue to apply. After even application, cover the hair with cling film and a terry towel or wool cap. Rinse off after 30 minutes with warm water. No detergent is necessary.Высушить с помощью полотенца

IMPORTANT: This amount is calculated for the owners of short hair. Women with long hair need to increase the amount of ingredients. Take three parts of water for one part of gelatin.

How to apply home lamination?

For laminating at home, it is best to use professional products that can be purchased in special shops or on the Internet. When choosing a cosmetic product one should take into account the type of hair. The kit usually contains everything you need for the procedure. It usually includes a special shampoo, laminating agent, mask and balm.

The shampoo should be chosen according to the condition of the hair and its colour. For blonde hair, for example, a shampoo with chamomile extract is a good choice. It lightens the hair and makes it livelier. For tired hair, a shampoo that contains panthenol to nourish the hair is a good choice.

Some hair shampoos can have a small amount of laminating agent in them. They contain a small amount of laminating ingredients. These help seal in the hair shaft with a protective film. Such shampoos also contain beta-keratin, which repairs damaged strands and promotes hair growth.

A mask is best chosen with lipids. They will fill the hair with nutrients.

A laminating agent is the basic element of the set. It should contain proteins and antioxidants. They will protect hair from dryness and restore intracellular metabolism.

A balm or conditioner should contain vitamins and keratin, which are necessary to protect the curls and nourish them. This product should have an antistatic effect.

In order to do lamination, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Wash your hair with a special shampoo.
  2. If you are going to do a colour lamination, apply a tinting agent.
  3. Apply and distribute a nourishing mask over the entire length of your hair.
  4. Apply a laminating agent.
  5. Heat the hair with a hairdryer, if permitted in the instructions.
  6. Rinse out after 30 minutes with lukewarm water without shampoo.девушка моет голову

What to consider when applying lamination on your own

This procedure will be successful if you consider the following

  1. The positive effect depends on the correctness of your actions. Before you start the procedure, read the instructions carefully and make sure you understand everything.
  2. Often folk remedies have little or no effect. The condition of your hair may worsen after the procedure. You may need to try several formulas to get the desired effect.
  3. Possible allergic reaction. Do a test before laminating. Apply a small amount of the product on your wrist. If there is no adverse reaction within 15-20 minutes, the composition is safe for you.
  4. The product should be distributed evenly over the entire length of hair. Unevenly treated curls will take on an unnatural appearance. This is the most common mistake when laminating at home.
  5. If you use folk remedies, your curls will get messy faster than usual, and with frequent washing the duration of the effect is shortened.
  6. There are always contraindications to this treatment. Lamination is not allowed if you have non-healed wounds on the scalp, dermatological diseases and a weakened immune system.зуд головы

Useful tips for a successful procedure:

For the procedure to be successful, the professionals give the following tips

  1. Use folk remedies once a week and professional remedies no more than once a month.
  2. Do not perform perms or colouring before lamination.
  3. If your strands have become too hard after lamination, rinse them out with clean water. Then apply a conditioner and rinse off. After oil masks the hair should be rinsed 3 or 4 times.
  4. If you want your tresses to be voluminous, apply the product to the hair, leaving 2 to 3 cm. from the roots. Avoid getting the product on your skin, otherwise dandruff and itching may occur.
  5. The first time you wash your hair only 2-3 days after the procedure. However, this rule does not apply to the latest generation of cosmetic products.Биоламинирование

It is possible to do lamination at home. Both professional and traditional remedies can be used for this purpose. The only way to determine what is right for you is by trial and error. However, remember that the success of the procedure depends only on you. Carefully read the instructions before the procedure. We hope the result will exceed your expectations!

What is the effect of laminating hair?

Your hair becomes shinier, thicker, stronger, dry and brittle. Protection from environmental damage. Dyed hair looks brighter, the colour lasts longer on the hair. Safe treatment.

What are the dangers of laminating hair?

This can worsen the condition of the curls. The laminating process is gradual, with the “soldered” hair scales unraveling and leaving the strands rough and damaged. Repeatedly carrying out the procedure will cause the hair to deteriorate.

The author is an online hair magazine expert. I am passionate about beauty and fashion and am always up to date with the latest news from the world of beauty and fashion.

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