Hair treatments in beauty salons

In the world of beauty treatments, hair care occupies a special layer. Every girl, no matter what her problem is, can find something suitable for herself, and our article will help guide you through it!

Treatments for treatment and restoration

Процедуры для лечения и восстановления

  • Hair Happiness is a multi-step treatment that involves the staged application of restorative compounds. It is often used as a remedy to restore curls after multiple colouring and bleaching treatments. A course of 5-6 treatments is necessary to achieve a sustainable effect.
  • Biolamination protects hair from damage and negative environmental effects. Fills the formed structural voids. Each hair strand is covered by a protective film based on natural materials.
  • Keratinization is a hair treatment with a keratin-enriched formula. It works by smoothing out the scales and saturating hair shaft with necessary moisture. Facilitates combing of porous and brittle hair.
  • Cryomassage is an action on the scalp with liquid nitrogen, which awakens the body’s internal reserves. The hair is saturated with moisture and comes to life.
  • Shielding is a therapeutic procedure that is often wrongly confused with lamination. Whilst the techniques are identical, the treatment also deeply nourishes the hair and leaves it looking healthy-looking rather than just laminating it.

Against split ends

Процедуры против секущихся кончиков волос

  • A polish is a full-length treatment of your hair with a special attachment on your hair clipper. Only the awkwardly split ends are trimmed.
  • Cutting the hair with hot scissors – the procedure is pretty much as the name suggests. The cutter blades are heated up before getting the cut and act like a ‘blowtorch’ for the hair’s tips. The temperature depends on the structure and thickness of your locks.

Please note! The thinner the hair, the lower the temperature should be.

  • Bio Wrap – The procedure is a treatment of hair with a special protein composition, which glues split ends and restores the structure along the length.
  • Hot Wrap is carried out with the help of nourishing oils. Warmed up, they penetrate better into the hair structure and scalp. The ends are sealed and the hair becomes shiny and silky.
  • Pyrophoresis – It is burned with fire. A special keratin cocktail is applied to the hair, and the hair is gently worked through with an open flame. Flaky ends disappear and are prevented from forming for a long time, thanks to the thickening of the hair structure.

For thin hair thickening

процедуры для тонких волос

  • Bio-laminating – has a positive effect on the structure of the hair, making the shafts more dense and smooth.
  • Glazing is a treatment that combines core thickening with colouring, but is also available in a colourless version. A protective keratin layer is created on each hair strand that thickens the hair, making it more resilient.
  • Kerathermy – hair straightening and thickening, using a special keratin-containing product and high temperatures.

For sparse hair

Редкие волосы

  • Cold (nitrogen) mask – it works on the scalp with the help of low temperatures, narrowing and widening the blood vessels in turn, thus providing the flow of nutrients to the dormant hair follicles.
  • Ampoule treatment. Concentrated vitamin-mineral compositions based on herbs and medicinal plants are applied to the scalp. They compensate the lack of nutrients, promoting the growth of new hair.
  • Ozone therapy. A special ozone-oxygen mixture is applied to the scalp. It reduces hair loss, and helps to regain lost volume.

For hair growth

Процедуры для роста волос

  • Mesotherapy – injections into the root area (2-4 mm depth), injectable composition of which is chosen individually depending on the client’s problem. Promotes hair growth acceleration and awakens dormant follicles.
  • Darsonvalization – treatment of the scalp with low currents. Normalizes metabolic processes, promoting fast hair growth and its density.
  • Laser therapy – deep heating of the scalp with a laser. Under the influence of heat, the blood rises and the metabolic processes are improved.
  • Plasmolifting – injections with the patient’s blood plasma, injected into the scalp. It improves the metabolic processes, thus contributing to active hair growth.
  • Carboxytherapyis very similar to mesotherapy, the only difference being that instead of a nourishing vitamin cocktail carbon dioxide is injected under the patient’s skin. It activates the regeneration processes in the skin, thus accelerating hair growth.

For shiny hair

Процедуры для блеска волос

  • Lamination is probably the best-known, and therefore most popular, treatment for giving your hair a lustrous shine. A thick film is formed on each hair shaft, which causes hair to shine in the light.

Contrary to popular belief, lamination does not cure hair! It only makes them visually more attractive.

  • Eluminating is a gentle hair dyeing procedure that coats each hair strand with a pigmented film. The procedure gives the hair a beautiful shimmering colour and lustre.
  • Glazing is often done by models before catwalk shows or photo shoots. The hair is given a glossy sheen and is visually made to look fuller. However, the effect does not last more than a fortnight.

For hair loss

  • Myostimulation, like darsonvalization, is a procedure that uses a pulse current to affect the scalp. It strengthens the hair follicles and prevents hair loss.
  • Ionophoresis is the injection of medication under the skin with a galvanic current. Prevents hair loss and weakening of hair follicles.
  • Mesotherapy – shows good results in the fight against increased or seasonal hair loss. The composition is chosen to be stronger than in the case of hair that is naturally sparse.
  • Plasmolifting – in the case of hair loss, plasma is injected zonally – into bald spots and thinning partitions.
  • Ozone therapy – treatment of problem areas with oxygen, which penetrates deep into the epidermis to strengthen hair follicles and hair shafts.

Against dryness

  • Keratin care (keratin masks) – makes up for the lost moisture in case of dehydration of the hair shaft and restores the hair structure, making it more nourished and smooth.
  • Bio-laminations-the protective film built into hair during bio-lamination prevents moisture from evaporating from the hair shaft and therefore prevents it from drying out.
  • Nanoemulsions are a relatively new treatment that uses a vitamin-mineral cocktail tailored to the hair’s dryness problem.

For straightening and smoothing

  • Chemically straightened hair is a classicstraightening treatment that gives your hair a long-lasting smoothness. A special straightening chemical is applied to the hair shaft, which causes the hair shaft to be slightly contoured. The chemical straightening treatment is a little bit outdated at the moment. Moreover, it is rather detrimental to hair health.
  • Keratin hairstraightening is a treatment of hair with a keratin compound, which fills in the structural voids, making hair straight and smooth.
  • Brazilian hair straightening differs from Keratin hair straightening by its more natural composition. The company claims that, in addition to straightening, the hair is deeply nourished and restored.
  • Japanese straightening is the most effective, safest and most expensive straightening procedure at the moment. Japanese straightening changes the structure of hair at a molecular level. They are infused with moisture, thicken and become smooth and straight.

Note! Japanese straightening is a time-consuming procedure that can take up to 8 hours.

Volume Control treatments

большой объем волос

  • Boost Up – gives hair a noticeable lift to the root, using a harmless cosmetic product that is applied to the hair roots. Despite the fact that the treatment is in a perm category, hair stays straight after Boost Up, but it only gets volume at the root.
  • Bioswaming is hair perming with a special formula that consists of more than 60% of natural ingredients. Bioswaves can be used for creating both fine curls and Hollywood-style curls.
  • Curling – a procedure, which was already used by our grandmothers to create the crazy volume on the head. However, the procedure is somewhat outdated, as it is only cosmetic – hair after it is severely damaged and dried out.

Safe when pregnant

  • Haircuts, polishing and hot-shearing. There is a common myth among women that you should not cut your hair during pregnancy, but there is absolutely no scientific reason for this. Perhaps this misconception has its origins in folk beliefs. You can cut your hair during pregnancy in any of these ways.
  • Hair dyeing with henna/ammonia-free dyes, shade balms. The main condition for dyeing during pregnancy is the absence of aggressive chemicals in the composition.

As for the rest of the treatment, the manufacturers often state that the product is suitable for use during pregnancy and has no effect on the foetus. You should not take this at face value. Be sure to consult your doctor before the procedure and get his opinion on the chemical composition of the product. Most of them are actually safe for your health, but because of the chemical stock of cosmetic perfumes they can cause nausea and exacerbate toxicity.

An overview of the most popular procedures

Most of these treatments have already been dealt with before, moreover – some of them are used to solve several problems at once. Their versatility is exactly the quality that has put them on the list of the most popular and sought-after.


Mesotherapy is an injectable therapeutic method to restore and nourish the hair and scalp. The procedure treats problems such as hair loss, slow growth, dry scalp and many others. If injections are unacceptable for you, there is a laser method.


Lamination is the coating of hair shafts with a special film, which transforms a faded and lifeless hair into a shiny and mirrored canvas, like in shampoo commercials. However, this effect is purely cosmetic. Hair does not get healthier and stronger after lamination.


This treatment involves applying a high-frequency, low-powered electric current to the scalp. The advantage of the technique is that there is no need to use any other cosmetic aids. After darsonvalisation the hair stops falling out, grows faster, and the problem of dandruff and greasy scalp is solved.

Please NOTE! You can save a lot of money if you buy a darsonval machine for home use. The main thing is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions


Another injectable method for treating and restoring hair and scalp. Platelet-rich plasma is injected under the skin. The blood is taken from the patient and separated into its components by means of a special centrifuge. For this reason it does not cause any allergies or negative reactions


Hair polishing is a targeted haircutting treatment that uses a shaving cutter with a special attachment. It is used to trim the hair, which is mostly severed and broken, but the healthy hair remains untouched. Perfect for girls who actively grow their hair but are worried about its look and health.


This treatment focuses on the internal and external (or only external) repair of the hair structure. Glossing comes in two varieties:

  • Molecular – nourishes your hair from root to tip, restoring your hair structure from within.
  • Cuticular – it works only on the surface layer of the hair – the cuticle – by smoothing the scales.

The hair becomes smooth, manageable and malleable. The effect lasts about 3 weeks. The main disadvantage of this treatment is its incompatibility with colouring.


Shielding is effective at combating several imperfections at once – dryness, sectioning, lifelessness and porosity.

The treatment is similar to lamination in many ways, but has a therapeutic effect.

Pro tip! To enhance the smoothness and shine of your hair, hairdressers are advised to combine or alternate Lamination with Shielding.


Illumination is the simultaneous colouring and repair of each hair strand, from root to tip. The effect of the colour and treatment is immediately visible and lasts for 2 months or more.


The treatment is so-named because each strand is treated with a sort of “glaze” of nutrients and strengthening ingredients. Glazing can also be done at home by simply purchasing a glazing kit. The treatment is often mistaken for lamination and biolamination, but unlike these, frosting does not weigh hair down.


Curling is a variation of perms, but it’s safer and gentler. As a result of the procedure, light, romantic curls are recreated on the head, not curls as with the classic variant.


Despite the name, the treatment has nothing in common with beauty injections, apart from the visual rejuvenation effect. Special masks and serums are applied to the hair, making it smoother, nourished and firmer.

Amino acids

This is a comparatively new method of smoothing hair, which can smooth out even the stiffest, curly hair by more than 95%. The effect of the treatment lasts up to six months.

Hair regrowth

Hair reconstruction is an emergency measure to restore hair vitality, smoothness and shine after repeated colouring, perming or straightening. Hair treatments are enriched with vitamins, ceramides and minerals to replenish lost nutrients. After the treatment, the hair is given new life, healthy looking, smooth and shiny.


Cauterization is the process of smoothing down the hair shaft by applying a special cosmetic texture. The hair shaft is saturated with nutrients and the scales are safely kept in place.

Milanese chic

Milan is the city of fashion, luxury and glitz. This is exactly the effect the Milanese Chic treatment has on the hair: luxurious shine, smoothness and volume. This effect is achieved thanks to the complex influence of keratin and argan and macadamia oils. The hair’s cortex is strengthened and the optimal level of keratin is achieved.


Technically, collagen treatment is no different from lamination, but it has a therapeutic effect on the hair rather than a cosmetic one. Dryness and fragility of the hair is prevented, cuticle ends and hair breakage disappear thanks to the treatment.

Boost up

For girls with straight, fine, and volume-deprived hair, or with curls that are oily at the roots, the Boost Up treatment is a saviour. Boost up is a lift to the root zone and creation of stunning volume without curling the length. The effect lasts up to six months!

Please note: Boost UP is a very time-consuming treatment that can take up to 4 hours!


A multifunctional treatment that solves several problems at once: stiffness, dryness, tangles, porosity. A special keratin compound is applied to the hair, which, under the influence of temperature, penetrates the hair and repairs it from the inside.


Based on the prefix “nano” it is clear that nano-plastic is the structural repair of the hair at a molecular level. Nano-plastik products contain nourishing ingredients, complemented by chemical, health-safe activators.

Thanks to nanoplasty, it is possible to correct years of grooming, colouring and discolouring faults.

Happiness for your hair

Happiness Hair treatments were originally developed in Japan, and then, thanks to the overwhelmingly positive reviews, they have spread all over the world. And this is quite understandable, because just one session can soften, nourish, moisturise, strengthen the hair and scalp! A sustained effect can be achieved in 5-6 sessions. This versatile effect can be explained by the rich composition of the product, which includes lipids, minerals, proteins and active ingredients of plant origin.

Keratin Hair Treatments. Why Keratin?

Most modern hair treatments involve keratin in one way or another, but it is only recently that keratin has been used in practice. So what is it and why is it used?

Keratin is a special protein compound that in the human body is responsible for the formation of the hair shaft, skin and nails. Formulations enriched with keratin have a positive effect on the hair shaft by filling in the gaps.

Salon Treatments

  • Colouring is a way to temporarily or permanently change their natural colour to a new one. It happens by replacing the natural colour pigment with an artificial one.
  • Hairextensions are a way of making your hair longer and thicker with the help of hair extensions. The material can be either artificial or natural.
  • Toning is a surface colouring technique that involves placing pigment on the hair shaft and not under it.
  • Colouring is a technique for dyeing hair strands in different colours. It can be either single-colour or multi-coloured.
  • Colouring – lightening or dyeing of separate strands of hair with the help of special tools: a cap, comb, foil, etc.
  • Bioswaming is a change of the natural structure of hair to curls by using a special biochemical formula.
  • Curling is combing the hair with the help of chemicals. The effect stays on for half a year or more, however the structure of hair is strongly damaged.

The best treatments for the most popular brands

A review of popular branded treatments:

Hair treatments from Estelle – the q3 therapy Damage Screening Kit

Shielding by Estelle is a reliable and affordable remedy to restore even the most damaged and dry hair. It is excellent as a treatment after bleaching, perming or straightening. The product contains beneficial ingredients such as:

  • Natural plant oils – for moisturizing, protecting and deep nourishing.
  • Ceramides-restores hair’s cortex.
  • Soy Proteins-Smooth and seal scales.
  • Amino Acids-promotes hair elasticity and shine.

Please Note! The means from Estel restores locks without weighing them down, thanks to which the hair looks healthier and well-groomed.

The q3 therapy kit includes:

  • Biphasic Conditioner Spray.
  • Restorative oil.
  • Shine spray for finishing.

Olaplex hair treatment

The Olaplex hair treatment is a newcomer to the beauty industry, but has already proved popular with beautiful women around the globe. A single session protects the colour pigment of the hair from fading and fading, while the hair is deeply hydrated, smoothed and softened.

Please Note! A big plus of the Olaplex treatment is that it can be used in conjunction with colouring

The Olaplex complex for the treatment involves the use of 3 phases:

  • Concentrate for adding to the dye.
  • Colour fixing mask for dyed hair care.
  • Mask for nourishing and moisturising hair, regardless of the colour.

“Belita salon treatment effect for hair

Belita is a UK, a brand that first found great demand in United Kindom, and later in all CIS countries. In the line of products can be found skin care products, decorative cosmetics, as well as products for hair care. We will talk about the latter.

The Molecular Gloss Series, part of the overall salon Effect product line, includes products that are designed for therapeutic and cosmetic improvement of hair at home. Unfortunately the brand does not produce sets of products for hair, so each product must be purchased separately. The following products are available for sale:

  • Shampoo for global hair renovation – 400ml;
  • Spray Primer for Global Hair Renovation -100ml;
  • Non-washable filler in 10ml sachet.


Sometimes the abundance of offers is more confusing than the lack of them. The cosmetics industry is constantly evolving, with new multifunctional products replacing several classics. Don’t be afraid to try and experiment! We hope this article has helped you decide on your choice of treatment!

The author is an online hair magazine expert. I am passionate about beauty and fashion and am always up to date with the latest news from the world of beauty and fashion.

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