How to make curly hair straight and manageable

The story of frizzy hair is a messy one: it can’t be undone and it’s hard to style straight. It can feel like your hair is frizzy but has just been brushed out. It needs special care, but first you need to find out why it’s frizzy.волосы пушатся

Why hair frizz – the main reasons

Like all hair problems, frizz has two root causes: genetics and signs of an underlying problem. External causes like improper care, poor nutrition, weather conditions or stress shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand. A lack of moisture in the body leads to dehydration of the hair cells.

The worst enemy is hot styling without thermal protection. Colouring, perms and other salon treatments can also lead to frizz. Static electricity also builds up in the winter and can cause frizz. Hard tap water and dry heated room air are also bad for hair.

TIP! Hair can be naturally porous. Its structure is curly and has many open cuticle scales. It is therefore not easy to reflect light and is prone to damage.

What can I do to prevent frizz?

A multipronged approach can help reduce the risk of frizz. Shampoo and conditioner selection is important, but it’s not enough. A balanced diet is necessary. Vitamins A, E, C and B have a positive effect on the scalp.Питательные и витаминные

If daily washing of the hair is not possible, special shampoos marked “for daily use” should be preferred. When buying a hair dryer, choose one with a temperature sensor. This will allow you to work on your hair in a gentle way.

Wearing synthetic clothing can be very electrifying so it’s best to wear clothes made from natural fabrics. It’s important to regularly trim the ends to prevent frizz.

What can I do if my hair gets really frizzy after washing?

If your hair gets frizzy straight after washing, it’s probably because the water is too hot or the wrong shampoo is used.

  • We choose a shampoo that suits our hair type and rinse it out thoroughly.
  • If you do use a hair dryer, make sure it’s only drying with a towel. Hot air can cause a big loss of moisture. The hair structure will stretch and eventually become deformed.
  • When wiping, avoid aggressive movements. Gently wrap the towel around the bunches of hair, and remove it after a few minutes.Высушить с помощью полотенца

How do I make my hair straight and sleek?

The most popular method of straightening hair today is using a blow dryer. It has both positives and negatives. The high temperature of the appliance dries out the strands. To reduce the negative effects, heat-protecting products are used.

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