Long hair or short – everything suits Boyarskaya

Elizaveta Boyarskaya is an actress who loves to change. The star often experiments on her image. She likes to try on new images. Most recently, the young woman published pictures in which she was shot with a short haircut.

Often the actress can be seen in unconventional photo shoots. Her pictures are greatly admired by her fans. She always looks gorgeous, whatever the look. It is impossible to look away from her silhouette in a translucent dress with a twenties hairdo. She also looks very rebellious in the eighties with a short haircut.

You can often see new snapshots of the star on Instagram. The actress always tries to share a new series of photos with her fans. Although the retrospective is not always found, but each image has its own special feature. It is done in black and white tones, and Elisabeth with a new hairstyle – a short haircut.

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The young woman realises that she is going to be asked questions. Anticipating them, she informed that her curls are in place and this is just a wig. And the star added that she only uses Instagram and no other social media.

Many fans praised the haircut as a one hundred percent hit. But there were also those who argued that long hair suited her better. It can’t be helped – as many people as there are opinions.

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