The secrets of the perfect feminine look

What woman of the fair sex hasn’t been visited by the urge to change her image from time to time? The thirst for change in appearance is in the blood of all of us. We draw inspiration from the pages of fashion magazines, note the “highlight” in the image of colleagues and girlfriends. The overall picture of the image is composed step by step, like a puzzle. Here are top tips for changing your look and this season’s hottest hairstyles for women.

Image must match social status

As you move up the career ladder, so must your image. What was appropriate for an ordinary manager will not be appropriate for a top one. At every step in your life, you need to embrace your new role: you need to review your wardrobe, your accessories and your hairstyle. Updating your wardrobe often doesn’t require a significant outlay; it’s enough to buy basic items that will work well together. For many women, shopping is also a great way to take their minds off the day-to-day grimness of life.

Trendy haircuts for women this season

This year’s hairstyles incorporate all the good things that have been popular in previous years. It’s worth noting that healthy, well-groomed hair is in fashion in every season. It doesn’t matter even the length of the hair, as the range of haircuts is wide, every woman can find something for her length.

For short hair, the following haircuts are popular this season:

  • the cascade, which is uneven and asymmetrical at the sides, does not require elaborate styling; a little roughening and spritz of hair is enough to fix the result;
  • the bob, which has been a permanent fixture for years;
  • the bob, this simple cut has many variations for every taste;
  • garson – this haircut is suitable for business women.

Trendy haircuts for long and medium hair:

  • long bob – a classic haircut that is always on trend;
  • cascade haircut without fringes – a very striking option that suits many women;
  • straight parted hairstyles with a straight part are in fashion this season. The parting needs to be tailored to the shape of the face.

Pay attention to self-development

A harmonious image cannot be built on looks alone. A beautiful, trim body and a stylish haircut are important, but you should also pay attention to self-development: attend various courses and read books.

It is also important to have an attitude towards oneself, because one’s character and demeanour are shaped by one’s own inner perception of the world. A person with low self-esteem is difficult to achieve success. He prevents the complexes that are often born in childhood. Lack of praise also creates internal instability in a person. Working on your own complexes will take away many prejudices. A realistic outlook on life and the ability to praise yourself for even the smallest achievements helps in achieving harmony.

Let yourself be your own individuality

Often, in the pursuit of fashion women forget that each of us is endowed with a unique set of qualities. The real self comes to many of us only with experience, after many failed attempts to make a splash. Women who know how to effectively play up their natural appearance win.

Very often, the old look is no longer fun for women. This is normal, because as we get older, our ideas about appearance change and we often “outgrow” our former image. Experimenting with style comes to the rescue. By trying on something unusual, we form a new image. Success is just around the corner!

The author is an online hair magazine expert. I am passionate about beauty and fashion and am always up to date with the latest news from the world of beauty and fashion.

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