Facts about human hair

Do you know everything about your hair? Here are the most interesting facts about hair !

  1. Chemically hair consists of 97% protein … and only 3% water ..
  2. Hair grows back 0.4mm per day, so cutting it does not affect its growth rate in any way..
  3. Straight hair reflects more light, which is why it is so hard for curly hair to achieve shine..
  4. Each hair follicle gives life to about 25 hairs during its life cycle, and excessive hair loss is a sign of iron deficiency..
  5. The hair shaft is so elastic that it easily returns to its original state even when stretched up to 20% in length..
  6. Naturally straight hair suddenly becomes frizzy, indicating poor health..
  7. Men are more prone to male pattern baldness because their hair roots sit 2mm closer to the surface than women’s..
  8. Human beings develop their first hair when they are in their embryonic development (about 4-5 months pregnant)..
  9. Balding people don’t lose their hair more often than other people, because there are 3 stages of hair growth: active, intermediate and last (when growth stops)..
  10. With each successive stage, hair grows, each time, thinner and shorter..
  11. It is easier to style hair with a vertical arrangement of bulbs, and the direction of their growth is a purely hereditary factor …
  12. The temperature for shampooing should be set at no more than 35°C to prevent the natural grease from being washed out.
  13. Hair grows the fastest during the spring and summer, and gets drier with age..
  14. On average, hair grows 12 mm per month and its life cycle lasts up to 7 years..
  15. The word “shampoo” is derived from Hindi – “Champa” is the name of a flower that grows in an area of India. The sap of this plant is used to produce an oil to be rubbed into the scalp (hence the English word ‘shampoo’ – ‘to massage’)..
  16. Redheads may have the thickest mop and dark-skinned people may have hair 3 times thicker than Europeans..
  17. The hair of red-haired women finds practical applications in… industry – they are used in instrumentation to make hygrometers..
  18. Blondes and redheads should not be exposed to the sun for longer than 7 minutes as their hair rapidly loses moisture. Russians are naturally a little longer: up to 10 minutes. Brown-haired hair is the luckiest of all-they can get around 17 minutes in the sun without damaging their hair..

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