Fans love Ani Lorak’s new hairstyle

Fans have been criticising Ani Lorak’s images one by one lately. Most recently, the star uploaded a new photo. In the picture, Karolina is posing with long hair. Most likely, she has had her hair extensions, but this does not spoil the beauty of the singer in any way. This once again shows that in matters of beauty, there are no trifles.

Celebrity fans have criticised everything from hairstyles, dresses and what they consider to be an overreliance on plastic surgery. But the new photo was clearly to their liking. Fans on Instagram called the star a beauty, a delightful diva, noted that her new hairstyle made her look like she was turning eighteen again and her resemblance to another beauty, Sofia Rotaru.

Some time ago, the singer cut her hair, leaving it shoulder-length. She decided to make such a radical change in her image after a scandal with her husband, which became public knowledge. Even her hair looks effective, beautiful and natural.

However, it was not without a fly in the ointment: some Instagram users expressed longing for the image that Carolina adhered to, starting her singing career. Still, there were far fewer negative comments.

What do you think about the star’s new look? Which hairstyle of Caroline do you like best? Share your answers in the comments.

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