Haircuts for women over 40

Increasingly, women over 40 are opting for short haircuts that don’t require styling. There are undoubtedly advantages, but let’s not forget the special features of short haircuts.

The choice is

The main purpose of haircuts for women after 40 is to highlight all the advantages of the face and rejuvenate it. Before deciding to experiment with a short haircut, there are a number of things to consider.

Face shape

The oval face is considered the most correct and versatile for any type of haircut, including short haircuts. Owners of this face can afford a hairstyle as obscenely short as long curls. At the same time, they can safely experiment with fringes. For a square face, it is worth refusing straight lines at the cheekbones and the forehead. Therefore it is not worth doing straight fringes. A great option would be an elongated bangs or wavy curls. The haircuts for the face-circle the main task is to visually lengthen the oval, so the right choice would be a haircut with a voluminous top and oblique fringes. For a triangular shape, cascading cuts and braids are best.


Hair texture

Almost all short hairstyles will work with straight and curly hair. The only thing for curly hairstyles is to get the direction of the hair when styling. Otherwise it might stand out and spoil the whole look. Fine hair needs a haircut that adds volume. In this case it is better to choose layered or staggered haircuts.

For thick hair, the best option would be a hairstyle with fringes. For dry locks, a simple hairstyle that doesn’t require so much time for care, as styling your hair each day will further thin it.


A haircut that doesn’t require a lot of styling; simple lines and shapes are best.


The most fashionable short haircuts that do not require styling, for women after 40 years are:

  1. garson;
  2. bob and its variants;
  3. pixie;
  4. rack;
  5. cascade.

Garçon is a very extravagant hairstyle due to its very short length. Sometimes it is the one that can rejuvenate a woman significantly, giving her a special chic look. Garson is equally suitable for both thick and thin hair. For a round face, the preference is given to variant with a slant or asymmetric fringes and voluminous crown.

The bob has been around for a few seasons and is always in vogue. The classic bob is elongated at the front and shorter at the back. It can be styled with little time but still looks neat and tidy. It is able to correct the shape of the face and conceal the first signs of ageing. It also looks good on curly hair, creating a slight sloppiness.

The short bob is a modern version of the classic haircut. It features a multi-level cut at the nape of the neck. This feature gives the hair volume, which is lacking in thin hair.

A bob with asymmetry allows the woman not only to stand out from the crowd, but also to rejuvenate. Today, asymmetry takes a leading role in the beauty industry. This hairstyle is created by using different levels of transition strands in the back and front, or only on one side. The presence of long fringes can conceal wrinkles in the forehead and eye area, while opening up the facial oval. This asymmetry is a real eye opener for women with thin hair, as it adds volume and makes the hair look thicker.

This hairstyle is another look that does not require styling. All you need to do is blow dry your hair properly.

The pixie hairstyle consists of long locks on the crown, which can be combined with fringes and short locks at the nape of the neck and temples; in some cases, these areas are simply shaved off. Despite its extravagant look, it is neat and playful. Active women will love the practically maintenance-free cut.

It’s the all-rounder for women of all ages and hair types. It’s capable of accentuating facial highlights while shading their flaws. But it’s not suitable for girls with unruly hair. Women with a square face type should be careful with such a haircut, as it can highlight all its flaws: rough cheekbones and chin. A better option would be an elongated cut with the front strands slightly longer than the chin.

Cascade haircuts or layered hairstyles can increase the volume of even the finest hair. The main feature of this haircut are the curls of different lengths to open up the oval. Layered options do not require much time for styling, and suitable for all face types.

Stylist Tips

Professional stylists recommend that women in their 40s abandon complex hairstyles in favour of more concise and shorter haircuts. But there are a number of nuances to consider.

  1. With age, facial features become coarse and wrinkles may appear. Therefore it is recommended to choose a haircut that will hide these flaws. These could be options with fringes and long locks in the front.
  2. Multilevel and torn haircuts are also suitable for women of this age. They will not only visually reduce age, but also give volume to the hair.
  3. In addition to the choice of haircut, it is worth carefully selecting the colour. Today, naturalness is in vogue, so it’s worth considering updating your natural colour. Also, ladies are better to choose the lighter shades of hair dye. In combination with a short haircut, this will have a rejuvenating effect.

In the following video you’ll hear expert tips for haircuts that don’t require styling.

What haircuts are in fashion after 40?

The bob haircut for the 2022-2023 season for women after 40 has many options:
The classic bob is a versatile haircut that suits women of all ages.
The bob-caree – a combination of a bob with a bob: the clarity of the bob lines and the shorter nape of the back of the head, as in a bob.
Long bob – the strands are slightly longer than chin level.

What’s the right haircut for a woman in her 50s?

The bob is the perfect style for women in their 50s and 55s Short haircuts for bold and edgy women The kare is the perfect style for women in their 50s. Page cut – simple and flavourful

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