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How to grow out your hair? A topical question for guys who want to be on trend. Long hair doesn’t appear overnight (unless, of course, you use a wig). Hair takes a long time to grow but you can influence the length and outcome of that process.
Check out our top tips for growing hair faster, what to drink, what substances to look for in shampoos, and which plants to use.


Before you raid the shelves of modern hair growth products, you need to understand the reason for your hair’s slowness. Sometimes, you just have to get rid of it to get good results. And the underlying causes can range from vitamin deficiencies, stress, harsh styling products, unhealthy lifestyles and pervasive genetics.


Men’s hairstyles can be styled with a range of products that are just as effective as women’s. They’re all designed to hold in place, add volume and give a natural-looking effect to your hair. But each jar of gel, paste, bryolin, pomade has a composition that suits some men and spoils the hair and hairstyle – for others.
For example, the alcohol that gels, sprays may contain will dry out skin and hair. Men with fine hair and a dry scalp will experience breakage, lack of colour and split ends if they use alcohol-containing products. No way to grow it

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During times of stress and prolonged fatigue, hair loses its healthy growth and vitality. Hormonal imbalances, thyroid disorders and stomach upsets can cause hair to fall flat, become brittle and split. And even if they’re growing at the right speed, the split ends won’t let you see them coming off.


Strong coffee to wake you up, a cup of tea to inspire you and one for work. How many of these are there every day? The caffeine in popular beverages constricts blood vessels and induces a lack of nourishment in the hair follicles. Hair starts to grow slowly.
Nicotine causes vasoconstriction, and the pattern described above repeats itself. Heavy alcohol causes dehydration, and hair growth in men is significantly reduced.

рост волос


Our hair grows about 1 cm per month, as it will grow 0.35 mm per day. Asians boast a faster rate.
This process is affected by heredity, age, lifestyle and even the temperature outside the window. The heat causes the blood to circulate more intensely, and hair to grow back faster by around 10-20%.
A warming mask should have a similar effect. But going out in winter without a hat for the sake of a beautiful hairstyle – it’s futile. The hairstyle will be saved, but the hair won’t want to grow.


Now moving on to the top 12 ways to speed up hair growth on men’s heads. And let’s not forget that for maintenance measures to be effective, it’s better to eradicate the causes of the problem. Unless, of course, you inherited slow strands from your parents.


The first thing that makes all the difference to your hair is your diet. Down with fatty foods and alcohol. Make sure you include vitamins which speed up hair growth in your daily menu:

  • A- protection of hair follicles from negative influences, dryness and breakage Helpful: fruit, orange vegetables, meat, fish and cheese. But don’t overdo it – too much vitamin A causes your hair to fall out of your head quickly.
  • B – strengthens and stimulates hair growth Helpful green beans, broccoli, greens, groats, eggs, nuts, tomato, beef.
  • C – strengthening the walls of blood vessels, production of collagen, which makes the hair more elastic You’ll get help citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, berries, broccoli.
  • E – accelerates growth, strengthens roots You’ll get help vegetable oil, eggs, cabbage, nuts.
  • K – shine for healthy hair You’ll get help tomato, onion, liver, carrot, parsley, cabbage.
  • H – protection against scalp flaking and dandruff You’ll get help: You’ll get help: You’ll get help chicken, cheese, sour cream, cereals, peas.

Water is the perfect substitute for tea and coffee and is great for your hair.


Physical activity, exercise, walking outdoors and taking a contrasting shower increase circulation and oxygenation. Skin and hair follicles get rid of the “office” oxygen starvation and make you look good.
You don’t have to set any world records in running or lifting weights. A little regular exercise is enough. If you’ve got a serious health problem, yoga can certainly help keep your hair in tip-top shape and make the stresses much easier to bear.

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Blood is the lifeblood of the hair follicles. Blood circulates through the hair follicles and supplies them with nutrients. Massage can help increase blood flow.
Tilt your head forward. Use your fingertips to gently stroke, rub and twitch the strands. Start at the base of the neck and gradually work your way up. Linger on the crown, temples and growth line. You can rub in oils that stimulate hair growth – rosemary or coconut. Just 10 minutes, but daily, will give good results in a month.

уход за волосами


Hair growth stimulants can be found in any brand’s professional range. They are good at strengthening, helping to speed up, but they don’t get rid of the source of the problem. So be aware and don’t rely solely on the contents of bottles and jars.


Shampoos and conditioners for weak, brittle hair or hair loss are the go-to products. But the catch phrase alone isn’t enough. Look for aminexil, anagelin, green coffee, goji berry, ginseng, ruscus, pepper and vitamin complexes.


The active ingredients of the serum boost cell metabolism in hair follicles, increase hair growth rates and help to fight hair loss. The serum is easy to use – a couple of times a week, short courses of rubbing into the skin.
Choose your product carefully and read the instructions. For different skin types and hair problems – its own serum. And its application may be different from that of another serum.


It’s capable of stunning effect, but choose the product with care. Talk to a professional about which spray can speed up hair growth on your scalp and which won’t.
A good idea is to get a Vitamin A, E, B5, PP, halitsin, castor, peach or almond oil, magnesium, copper, zinc, herbal extracts.
Avoid containing polyquartternutrient. It can cause dry skin and seborrhoea.

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Concentrated hair growth-activating ampoules solve a number of issues at once. They prevent greasiness, dryness, shine and premature greying.
Ampoules generally contain vitamins, oils, collagen, amino acids, aminexyl, extracts, plant extracts. The product is rubbed into the scalp with massaging strokes.


Professional hair growth stimulating masks should be selected according to your skin type and composition. For a complete care it’s best to use products of the same brand to maximise the effect.
Have a good influence on the “readiness” of your hair oil burdock, burdock, ginger, ginseng, chamomile, and pepper. The masks should be applied to a clean head for a few minutes.


The preparation is used in medicine for the treatment of metabolic disorders, to make up for vitamin deficiencies. Nicotinic acid increases the intensity of the blood supply to the vessels of the scalp, providing the follicles with energy for fast hair growth.
The ampoule formula is the most effective: the hair is smoothed, shiny and lengthened.

барбершоп FIRM


Traditional recipes inherited from grandmothers, also give a visible effect. Perhaps they are not as convenient to use, the means require preparation, and not everyone has time for this. But they work.


Strengthening and hair growth can be achieved by masking with warm burdock oil. It should be warmed up a little, rubbed into the scalp, wrapped around the head and washed off after 30 minutes.
Effective, but with consequences” mask with burdock oil, onion juice, liquid soap and honey. Mix the ingredients 1:1, apply to the head and leave for 2 hours. But be aware that onion juice gives a trail of specific aroma that is difficult to get rid of. For this purpose, you can add lemon juice to the water when rinsing the scalp.

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Castor oil is also effective when heated. A warm mask increases blood circulation and makes the cells work. The oil is applied to the head and covered with a towel for 2-3 hours, maybe a little less. Afterwards, the hair is rinsed well.


Mustard masks activate blood flow to the hair follicles. This can accelerate hair growth in men. But before using mustard, make sure that your scalp is not irritated, you are not a dry hair type and you are not allergic to mustard ingredients.
To prepare a mask to take 1 spoonful of mustard powder, sour cream, any oil (burdock, sunflower, olive) and add 1 yolk. Apply to the head for 15-30 minutes.
Beautiful man’s hair is not only a gift of nature. This is the result of a caring attitude towards health and hair. To be masculine is to be flawless!

How do I make my hair grow back in a week?

Take a natural oil (coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, almond oil, burdock oil, castor oil) and warm it slightly in the microwave. Dip your fingers into the warm oil and massage the scalp in circular motions for three minutes. Scoop up more oil and apply all over the hair.

How do I grow my hair long and thick quickly?

To grow long, thick hair, it’s important to keep your hair healthy and not to over dry it out to avoid damage. It’s best to shampoo 2-3 times a week and use a conditioner every day. Once a week you can also use a deep moisturiser and give your hair a scalp massage.

What should I wash my hair with for fast hair growth?

Use a sulphate-free shampoo.
It is the gentlest: it does not dry the scalp, strengthens the hair and restores its shine and sebum regulation. You can wash your hair every day with this shampoo without damaging your hair.

The author is an online hair magazine expert. I am passionate about beauty and fashion and am always up to date with the latest news from the world of beauty and fashion.

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