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How to Get Curly Hair Men


Curly hair is an asset for any guy. In recent years, male perms have become very popular. There are 4 main types:

  • chemical – the oldest method. Modern technology makes it possible to make this procedure as safe as possible for the hair. The main advantages are the long-lasting effect (about 6 months) and the ease of styling;
  • bioswaving is harmless for the curls. It contains compounds with keratins, trace elements and other beneficial substances. The result lasts a few months.

The benefit of biotwisting is fresh, healthy looking curls.

Mens Curly
curl at home

How to make curly hair for men using gel

Gel is one of the most affordable, inexpensive products often used by guys to create curly curls. The procedure should be performed on washed hair. You need to take a small amount of product and distribute it by hand on the strands – in the direction from the forehead to the nape of the neck. After a minute, proceed to curl at home. To do this, take a regular pencil. On it and will curl curls. Each strand should be held in a curled position for 30 seconds.

It should be remembered that this method is not suitable for those who have little free time. Depending on the length of hair, the procedure may take about half an hour.

How to make curly hair for a guy using elastic bands

This is the cheapest and most convenient method at home, which is suitable for men with medium length hair. It is done after washing your head, on slightly damp curls (overnight is best). Each selected strand is twisted into a curl and fixed with an ordinary elastic band. The thickness of the curl determines the volume of the curl.

How to make curly hair for a guy using elastic bands
Leave the “hairstyle”

Leave the “hairstyle” in this form until it dries. If you have thin hair, a few hours should be enough. To accelerate drying, you can use a hairdryer. To make the curls look beautiful, it is advised to lubricate the strands with a styling agent.

How to make curly hair man, using a curler or curlers

If you are the owner of medium to long hair, this method is great for creating curls. You can get all kinds of curls – curly strands, wavy or frizzy hair – with these devices. Curlers and curlers can be of different diameters. Their choice depends on which curls you want.

To get hold of your hair all day long it’s a good idea to use a styling product with a high hold. Only then can you create curly, bouncy strands. This procedure can be done either at home or at a barbershop.

How to make short hair curly for a man

Some guys with short locks like to make their hair curly. The right method can be hard to choose because of the short hair. The most common methods are as follows:

  • using a travel curler – its main difference from the usual curling iron is its mini size. The small diameter of the clips is great for short strands;
  • using fixing agents (e.g. gel, mousse, foam). They allow you to create a wet hair effect. A small amount of product should be applied to wet hair, then use your hands to crumple the locks to create waviness.

The second method allows you to create a hairstyle for a few days.

How to make your hair curly forever for men

Of course, using gels, curlers or a curling iron does not allow you to create curls for a few years. If you want to make curls permanently, the most appropriate way is to roll curls special “chemistry”. The curls are made with a special chemical formulation that can achieve very long-lasting curls. The undoubted disadvantage of this method is a high probability of hair damage. The method is categorically not suitable for guys who have weak curls.

How to curl a man’s hair is a question solved by many methods. The choice depends on everyone’s personal preferences.

How do you make a man’s hair curl?

Treat your hair to argan oil.
It is also not uncommon to make a hair mask with this oil by putting a thick rubber cap or headscarf on your head to curl your hair more and get the oil itself closer to your scalp for a whole night. When you remove the cap, the hair will be more prone to curl.

How do I make fine curls?

The easiest way is to use a fine curling iron to create curls from root to tip. If the curl is then brushed out well, you’ll get airy, fine curls. If brushed with waxed hands, you’ll get a well-defined curl of medium volume.


  1. Thank you for the article. I’ve always wanted to know how to get curly hair in a man. I’ve tried many things but I can’t get curly hair for more than 1 week. Thanks to your article I understand what I need to do.


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