How to get wavy hair

Wavy hair is the most fashionable and practical style for the warm season. It looks as natural as can be, is breezy in summer and is easy to do – just make sure you know the tricks and have a list of the most effective products on hand. George Northwood, the British celebrity hair stylist trusted by Meghan Markle, Alexa Chung, Alicia Vikander and other celebs, shares these tips and tricks with us.

”The beauty of wavy hair is that it’s soft and natural,’ says George. – Alternating slightly crimped locks that contour the face can give it a youthful, fresh look. For a natural-looking effect, the stylist suggests using tongs – choose a tool big enough to wrap a curl around it twice.

Work with natural texture

how to get wavy hair

Before grabbing the tongs, Northwood advises preparing your hair – the products you’ll be applying should suit its texture. “Straight locks can be blow-dried without a blow dryer and a texture or volumizer spray should be used,’ says Northwood. – Or if you have naturally curly or frizzy hair, use a lot of leave-in conditioner.

Style messy hair

how to get wavy hair

If your goal isn’t a sleek, neatly waved style but a more natural, sloppy, beach-ready look, then you can skip the washing. “The strands you shampooed yesterday are the best base for your hair today,” assures Northwood. – Shampoo dry at the roots, brush and blow-dry hair lightly to freshen it up before perming.

Don’t curl your ends

To get the hang of curling irons, it takes practice. You can watch dozens of YouTube videos, start styling, get the wrong result and quit after a few minutes – it’s a good idea not to get frustrated and to try again and again. Once you understand the principle and remember all the right hand movements, you’ll be able to do such styling faster and faster in the future.

how to get wavy hair

So practice and avoid the major mistakes: always curl your hair when it’s completely dry, leave the ends untouched and wear thermal protection if you want natural-looking waves. “Wrap the strand around the tongs without touching the tip of the curl,” says George. – When you’ve released the strand from the tool, don’t touch it with your fingers trying to give it a curled shape but let it cool on its own. It’s the only way the waves will look natural.”

Hide the fringes or add an accessory

how to get wavy hair

“Slightly fringes, like those of Alexa Chung and Caroline de Maigret, complement a curly look and you don’t even have to do anything with them,” says Northwood. – A thick, flat, short style would look really unnatural next to sloppy waves”.

The stylist suggests flipping it sideways and securing it with a fashionable fringes barrette but you can also play up the contrast by flaunting your fringes with an accessory like the Miu Miu look.

How do you make wavy hair easy?

Apply some styling mousse to damp, clean hair and massage it gently with your hands over the entire length.
The best way to achieve natural-looking waves is to use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment. Blow-dry vigorously from roots to ends and in 15 minutes get an updo with a sloppy effect.

How do I get wavy hair with a curling iron?

Spiral the strand onto the curling iron and hold it in place for 5-10 seconds (a little longer if the curler is coated safely). Tip: heat the heat fixture to 160 degrees if you have thin hair and to 230 degrees if you have heavy, stiff hair. Work through all the strands in this way.

How do I make my hair wavy in a curly braid?

Curls of any diameter can be achieved with plastic boomerang curlers. Apply movable mousse to dry hair (70-80% dry). Twist the strands onto the curlers. Most importantly, don’t make the curls too bouncy, as they will look unnatural and doll-like.

How do you make curls overnight on damp hair?

Spray wet hair with curl spray, divide it into 4-5 sections, twist it into curls, and twist the curls into buns. Secure with bobby pins. Apply hairspray to the buns in the morning, blow-dry and then remove the bobby pins.

The author is an online hair magazine expert. I am passionate about beauty and fashion and am always up to date with the latest news from the world of beauty and fashion.

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