How to have Healthy Hair

It’s possible to have healthy, beautiful hair if you take good care of it and protect it from possible damage. If you treat your hair with care, provide it with proper nutrition and moisture, and avoid using heat styling tools wherever possible, your hair will be healthy and beautiful. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and including wholesome vitamin-rich foods in your diet will not only improve your health but also your appearance, including the condition of your hair.

Method 1 Hair Care

Hair Care
  1. Handle your hair gently when you wash and dry it. Your attitude will have an impact on the condition of your hair. If you treat your hair roughly, it could become brittle and broken. Hair should be treated as a delicate silk fabric. Be sure to follow these guidelines:
    • When you wash your hair, don’t rub it vigorously. Massage your scalp with your fingertips and gently work the shampoo into your hair.
    • Rinse hair with cold water. This will give your hair a shiny finish. Hot water can leave hair dull and discoloured.
    • Gently squeeze out excess water with your hands, then pat dry with a towel. Don’t twist or squeeze your hair too hard.
  2. Shampoo your hair several times a week. If you shampoo your hair every day, it will become dry and brittle. The scalp produces natural oils, which protect hair from drying out. If you want your hair to be healthy and shiny, wash it once or twice a week.
    • As you stop washing your hair each day, your scalp will produce more natural oils, so it will quickly become greasy. After a week, you will begin to see a noticeable improvement, and your hair will no longer look greasy the day after you wash it.
    • If you’re uncomfortable with messy hair, you can use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo for hair is a powder that is applied to the hair and absorbs grease and dirt.
  3. Allow your hair to dry naturally without using a hair dryer or similar tools. If you want to restore the health of your hair, you will have to give up using such tools. The hot air from a hair dryer will damage the structure of your hair. Very quickly your hair will become brittle and fragile. So don’t use a hair dryer and let your hair dry naturally.
    • Stick with a similar principle for other hot tools like irons or curling irons.
    • If you can’t do without a blow dryer or similar tools, use hair protectors to minimize the damage they can do to your hair.
  4. Use a comb instead of a hair brush. Brushing hair, especially when it’s wet, will cause irreparable damage. Brushing is pulling out a lot of hair, while a comb helps detangle it gently. Start gently from the tips and work back towards the root. Use a wide-toothed comb so that you can detangle even the most tangled hair.
  5. Don’t use treatments that can harm your hair. The arsenal of hairdressers is full of damaging procedures like chemical hair straightening, perming, lightening and colouring. All of these treatments can wreak havoc on your hair. If you want healthy-looking hair, go for natural looking hair. It might not achieve the colour you want, but your hair will be healthy, shiny and silky.
    • If you want to dye your hair, use henna, honey or tea. These natural dyes will restore health and shine, without damaging your hair. Of course, you won’t dramatically change the colour, but it will make your hair a few shades lighter or darker.
  6. Be gentle with your hair. Permanent perms, dreadlocks and other styles that pull your hair taut, for example, can have a negative effect. Although some types of braids are less destructive than others, it is better to keep the use of such hairstyles to a minimum.

Method 2 Use natural products to restore shine and silkiness

Hair Care
  1. Use a hair conditioner every time you shampoo your hair. Use a small amount of conditioner to keep your hair from getting greasy and heavy. Apply the conditioner to your hair, about two centimetres away from the roots, and then distribute it over the entire length of your hair with a wide comb. Rinse out the conditioner with lukewarm or cool water. This will give your hair a smooth and shiny finish.
    • If you have dry hair, use a leave-in conditioner. Apply a conditioner after you’ve showered while your hair is still wet. Your hair will feel soft and silky.
  2. Deep condition your hair on a regular basis. Do this treatment regularly and your hair will be shiny and silky. Perform this treatment once or twice a week. You will soon notice the effects. Get a deep cleansing conditioner at your local shop or use an oil you have at home, like coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil. Put the treatment in the following way:
    • Wet your hair and apply about a tablespoon of the product to your hair. Spread the product evenly over the entire length using a wide-toothed comb.
    • Then lift your hair up and secure it with a barrette or rubber band. Place a shower cap or plastic wrap around the hair.
    • Leave the product in your hair for an hour to eight hours.
    • Wash your hair as you would normally do to rinse off the conditioner.
  3. Make a hair mask. When you don’t have time to carry out the above procedures, but you want your hair to shine with beauty and health, make a hair mask that will improve your hair. Wet your hair with water and apply the mask to your hair. After the treatment, wash your hair as you normally do. You can use the following masks that will make your hair shiny and silky:
    • One tablespoon of honey or one egg white
    • One banana or avocado
    • One tablespoon milk or yogurt
    • Any combination of ingredients mentioned above.
  4. Use a hair oil or serum. An oil or serum is a great protection for damaged hair. Put a few drops on your fingertips and spread the product evenly over the entire length of your hair. Get a product that contains the following ingredients:
    • Argan oil
    • Moroccan oil
    • Jojoba oil
  5. Use a brush with natural boar bristles. Most brushes do irreparable damage to hair, but a natural boar bristle brush is specially designed to leave hair shiny and smooth. The fibres of these brushes are close to the texture of human hair. They effectively distribute sebum from hair roots to the tips. Before washing your hair, brush it with a wide-toothed comb. Then brush it with a natural boar bristle brush. Do it for about 10 minutes. Do not wash your hair for an hour after that.

Method 3 Healthy Lifestyle

Hair Care
  1. Take care of your health. Your diet has a direct impact on the condition of your hair. Eat a lot of protein-rich foods, high nutrient foods and healthy fats. Your hair will be shiny and healthy. Hair reflects a state of health. Follow the tips below to keep your hair beautiful and healthy:
    • Include foods rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids and iron in your diet. Salmon, sardines, avocados, nuts, flaxseeds are essential for your hair health.
    • Drink plenty of water. If your body suffers from dehydration, your hair will be dry and brittle.
    • Quit smoking. Cigarette smoke makes hair look dull and dry.
  2. Use natural hair products. Shampoo and conditioner ingredients can negatively affect the condition of your hair, making it feel dry and dull instead of silky and shiny. Give preference to natural shampoos and conditioners that nourish and gently care for your hair. Use the following remedies:
    • Choose a sulphate-free shampoo. Sulphates are present in most detergents, cosmetics and household cleaners. They are also present in dishwashing detergents and powders. It is also very common to see the word sulphates on the label of a selected hair product, e.g. shampoo. Avoid using these products and give preference to natural hair care products.
    • Try a silicone-free hair conditioner. Silicone is added to hair conditioners to give hair a shiny, smooth finish after the first use. However, this substance builds up in the hair over time and makes it look heavier. So use products that don’t contain silicone.
  3. Massage the scalp as it stimulates hair growth. In addition, massage promotes good blood circulation, which promotes fast hair growth. Massage your scalp every time you take a shower. Gently massage your scalp in a circular motion.
    • You can also use coconut oil, almond oil, or jojoba oil for a massage. This is especially useful if your hair is thin.
    • Tea tree oil, lavender oil or cedarwood oil are also good options.
  4. Trim the ends of your hair regularly. The problem of split ends mainly affects those who don’t trim their hair regularly. Your hair will become shiny again as you cut the dull and thinning ends. Getting rid of split ends will give a fresh look to your hair.
What kind of hair is considered healthy?

Definitely, normal hair looks well-groomed, has medium-low lushness and styles well. Strands of this type are known to be the most flexible and resilient. Normally, normal hair stays clean for 3 days after washing.

What improves hair health?

Spinach is rich in folic acid, iron and vitamins A and C, which can promote hair growth. Deficiencies in these nutrients can lead to hair loss. Fatty fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel contain nutrients that can promote hair growth.

How do I make my hair shiny and smooth at home?

To maintain the shine of both long and short hair, it is advisable to use a conditioner after shampooing every time and a couple of times a week to use a hair mask. It’s best to wash your hair with soft water. You should also rinse your hair properly so that no detergents remain on the strands.

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