How to Prevent Grey Hair

Like wrinkles, grey hair is a visible sign of ageing, and that’s normal. But what makes it go grey? Not everyone knows. Is there anything we can do to stop it from turning grey, or can we put it off until later? Let’s find out!

How to Prevent Grey Hair

It’s not unusual for women to panic as the first grey hairs appear on their heads. Some rush to tears, others try to old-fashioned way to carefully cut with scissors or pull the silvered hair, and some immediately run to the salon for dyeing. However, before going for the heavy stuff, it’s important to know if there are other ways to stop the greying of hair. You need to understand the causes of greying before you can take action. We’ve talked to experts in hairdressing and put together a handy guide to grey hair that might help you dread it just a little less. Don’t self-medicate! In our articles, we gather the latest scientific evidence and opinions from respected health experts. But remember: Only your doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

1. When do women usually go grey?

The process generally kicks in after 30 (but sometimes before), with the average age of fifty seeing half-grey hair. To figure out how to stop greying, let’s first understand the main causes of the process.

2. Why does grey hair appear?

Grey hair is a combination of normally coloured (pigmented) hair and uncoloured hair. So why is hair turning grey? Quite simply, at some point, your body stops producing the pigment melanin in the correct quantity. Is it possible to stop hair from turning grey? Not completely, unfortunately. But there are ways to counteract this completely natural process with some concrete lifestyle changes.

How to Prevent Grey Hair

How do you stop women’s hair graying? First of all, a lifestyle change that has a direct impact on our appearance.

3. How do you stop hair graying?

If you’re wondering how to stop female hair greying, you need to understand that diet and hormones as well as stress have an equal influence on the amount of pigment produced. But by and large, a predisposition to early or late grey hair is genetically determined. If parents turn grey early, their children are more likely to turn grey at a relatively young age. Whites also go grey earlier (compared to African Americans and Asians) and diseases like diabetes, pernicious anaemia and thyroiditis can also influence the process.

How do you stop hair graying in men? There’s no particular secret here, because men tend to go grey for the same reasons as women. That means they have exactly the same ways of dealing with grey hair.

grey hair

4. What causes the premature greying of hair

People usually start to turn grey in their early 30s, but hair can sometimes turn grey much earlier. There are usually underlying causes, which are worth sorting out before you figure out how to stop your hair turning grey early. Let’s look at what exactly could be causing your hair to go grey at a very young age.

  • Genetics. As we mentioned earlier, you’re much more likely to turn grey fairly early if your parents or grandparents turned grey before the age of 30;
  • Diseases. Gray hair can be the result of a variety of serious illnesses. For instance, pernicious anaemia, thyroid hyperfunction or progeria (premature ageing);
  • Unhealthy habits. Can I stop my hair from turning grey? Yes, if they are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle: smoking and alcohol abuse. All these addictions weaken the immune system, causing the body to produce less melanin;
  • Vitamin deficiencies. If you’re on a diet or just eat junk food, you might be surprised to see greying hair at an earlier age. An unbalanced diet depletes our body and leads to insufficient melanin production. How can you stop your hair from turning grey? Incorporate wheat bread, greens, dairy products, nuts, seaweed, fish, buckwheat porridge, apples, lean beef, eggs and mushrooms into your diet;
  • Severe stress. Severe stress may also be the cause of an early appearance of grey hair. The fact is that during stress, large quantities of adrenaline are released into the bloodstream. This destroys the bond between melanin and the protein structure of the hair, which causes the hair pigment to be washed out or neutralised;
  • Medication therapy. Hair can turn grey prematurely if you’re taking medication that affects the regulation of melanin production. How to stop hair greying in this case? Try and find a more suitable medication regimen with your doctor.

5. What to eat to delay hair graying?

How do you stop hair greying in men and women? Firstly, you need to rethink your diet. It’s important to realise that hair is made up of keratin, so protein is essential. Eggs and fish can help make up for protein deficiency. Iron, calcium, zinc, vitamins B6, B12 and D are also important.

How to Prevent Grey Hair

How can I stop my hair from turning grey? First look at the causes, then deal with the problem

6. What lifestyle changes could you make to stop your hair turning grey?

Since hair is a barometer of health, taking good care of it is good for you. Eating a healthy diet and making sure you get enough protein and carbohydrate intake, along with regular checkups, are also important. That’s all the answers to the question of how to stop hair graying in women and men!

7. Should scalp massage in the fight against grey hair?

Is it possible to stop hair greying with a scalp massage? While it won’t solve the problem radically, constant stimulation of the hair roots and a scalp mask will definitely do the trick! But it’s important not to overdo it: disturbing your body’s fat balance can damage your hair.

Is it possible to prevent greying?

Some people may have grey hair earlier (after the age of 25 or so) due to genetic predisposition. If a father or grandfather had grey hair at a young age, it is very likely to appear in children, regardless of their gender. This process cannot be predicted and cannot be prevented.

How do I fight grey hair?

How to slow down the appearance of grey hair
Stop smoking – this can be difficult, but doctors can develop a personalised plan to kick the habit; maintain a normal weight; reduce exposure to harmful chemicals; protect your hair from the sun.

Why does grey hair grow in young people?

Physiological greying is the result of the ageing of pigment-producing cells. On the other hand, greying at an early age is caused by melanocytes dying or becoming inactive. The result is porosity in the hair structure.

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