Why girls’ hair turns grey at a young age between 17 and 20

The appearance of grey strands is upsetting for all women of all ages. Mature women are sympathetic to the process, but for younger women the appearance of grey is a source of despair and anger. However, in some cases it is possible, if not to stop, then to slow down the premature greying.

в молодом возрасте седеют волосы

At what age does the first grey hair appear?

It is normal for the first signs of grey to appear between the ages of 33 and 40. Every year there are more and more silver strands. It is not possible to determine the exact time of the first gray strands, as it depends on genetic predisposition, environment and race.Седые волосы

The onset of grey in people of different races and ethnicities occurs at different times. Europeans show their first grey hairs at the age of 35, Asians at 42, and blacks at 50. Indians go grey at a later age. Their gray strands become visible after the age of 70.

Why is turning grey at a young age?

Gray locks do not appear only in people of mature age. Some people have gray strands as early as 25, 20 or even 18 years of age.

Trichologists name the following causes for grey hair:

  1. Heavy stress. Turning grey can be the result of extreme stress, as stress releases neuropeptides that break the bond between keratin and melanin. Once melanin is no longer produced, hair loses its natural colour.
  2. Genetic predisposition. If your parents had early grey hair, it’s highly likely that you’ll end up turning grey too.
  3. Illnesses, particularly cytomegalovirus.
  4. Metabolic, gastrointestinal and liver disorders.
  5. Atherosclerosis.
  6. Iron deficiency.
  7. Hormonal disorders caused by thyroid dysfunction. Most common during pregnancy, breastfeeding and the teenage years.
  8. Vitamin deficiencies. B10 ensures pigmentation of the hair.
  9. Diet.
  10. Bad habits. Smokers suffer from intoxication, depletion of oxygen in the hair and loss of melanocytes.
  11. Inappropriate hair care. Hair drying and curling, hot water washing, colouring with aggressive dyes and unsuitable hair products all cause abnormal melanin production.
  12. Exposure to the sun without a sunscreen.курение

Signs of early grey in women and girls

Specialists identify the following signs of early grey in women and girls:

  • heavy, unexplained hair loss;
  • hair looks unattractive and dull;
  • hair becomes as stiff and tight as a wire;
  • natural colour changes to white.

Psychosomatics as a cause of early gray hair

Scientists have carried out a study in which they found that premature greying can be caused by a person’s internal condition.

IMPORTANT: This process is linked to stress hormones produced during periods of extreme stress. They cause the destruction of stem cells responsible for melanin production and age-related changes.

The following psychosomatic causes of premature greying are distinguished:

  • constant stress;
  • repressed emotions and worries;
  • severe nervous irritability, panic attacks and poor sleep;
  • self-condemnation, feelings of guilt, psychological discomfort;
  • depression.стрес

Reviews for treatment of grey hair

Ольга, 27 лет

I developed early grey hair due to thyroid problems. It was probably also caused by a lot of stress that I had been experiencing recently. I have been taking Alerana for several months. My hair stopped falling out and I have almost forgotten what grey hair is.


I think I have hereditary early grey hair. At first I plucked out the grey hairs and then I took vitamins prescribed by a trichologist. Now I’m taking special medication all the time. They help me.

TatianaТатьяна, 25 лет

I have yet to find a way to get rid of grey hair. Vitamins have not helped me. No remedies have been able to cope with the grey hairs that appeared 3 years ago. I am solving my problem with good quality hair dyes.

When to see a trichologist or beautician

If early-onset greying has started to spread rapidly, you need to visit a specialist as soon as possible. Active greying is a reason to visit a trichologist or a beautician. The doctor will try to find out the cause of the premature greying and will prescribe several tests for this purpose. In the case of thyroid dysfunction, adrenal, liver and metabolic disorders, fungal and ulcerative lesions on the scalp, you will need to visit an endocrinologist and a dermatologist.

Once the trichologist has determined the cause of early greying, he or she will suggest several treatment options.

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of graying strands completely.

Drug treatment

The following medications are usually prescribed for premature greying:

  • magnesia (injections);
  • antisedine (ensures the production of melanin);
  • vitamin and micronutrient complex: A, B, E, zinc, iron, copper;
  • medicinal shampoos and lotions with zinc, copper and iron.

Traditional medicine

To enhance the effect of medication, you can resort to folk medicine – masks, lotions and decoctions. Folk remedies based on plants can prevent the appearance and spread of grey colour.

Essential oils

Essential oils contain a lot of nutrients. They make hair shiny and beautiful.эфирные масла

For a mask, take 70 ml of sesame oil and 40 ml of thyme oil. Mix well by shaking the resulting mixture. Allow it to infuse for a month. Apply to your head and rinse off in 15 minutes. If you want to repeat this treatment, it should be done as a series of sessions. The course lasts 28 days. Mask should be done every other day.

Effective mask based on pollen

Bee pollen is full of vitamins and trace elements. A mask of pollen and jojoba oil improves hair structure and improves the lipid balance.Жожоба масло

Take four tablespoons of jojoba oil and one teaspoon of bee pollen for the mask. Mix the oil with the pollen. The resulting mixture should be thoroughly mixed. The product should be applied to damp hair. At this time the active ingredients penetrate into the hair and nourish the scalp. You may cover your head with a cellophane bag and a terry towel to accelerate the process. Rinse off after 20 minutes with normal running water.

The course duration is 21 days. Apply mask to the hair once every 3 days.

Red Pepper

Red pepper promotes good microcirculation of the skin, so all the vitamins and trace elements the body receives reach the hair follicle and improve the condition of the curls.красный стручковый перец

To prepare the infusion, take six dried red peppercorns and half a litre of alcohol or vodka.

Pour red pepper over the vodka or alcohol and infuse it for a few days. Rub the infusion into your scalp 2-3 times a day for 14 days.

Infusion based on ginseng root

Infusion of ginseng root can support melanin-secreting cells.корень женьшеня

One teaspoon of ginseng root and half a litre of diluted alcohol are needed for the infusion. Grind the ginseng root and add the alcohol. Put the mixture in a dark place and infuse it for a few weeks. Drink the infusion in the morning before meals.

IMPORTANT: The tincture has contraindications. It should not be taken by people with hypertension, gastritis and peptic ulcer.

The course of 21 days.

Salt-based scrub

Salt-based scrub helps to get rid of keratinized scales on the scalp. The salt scrub improves the nourishment of the hair follicles, the hair becomes stronger and there is less hair loss.Скраб из соли и масел

Freshly brewed tea can be mixed with iodised salt. The resulting scrub mask is rubbed 2-3 times a week for a month.

Copper against gray

The melanin pigment includes copper, so if you lack it in the body begins depigmentation of the skin and hair. Copper deficiency is most often caused by unhealthy diet, physical exertion and stress.Solgar

Treatment with copper consists of dietary adjustments and consumption of supplements containing this element.

Other ways to fight grey hair


Antisedine is a lotion for restoring the natural colour of the hair. Sulphur is its active ingredient. Antisedine is a lotion that restores the natural colour of your hair. In addition to sulphur Antisedine contains colloidal silver and lead.

Shake and pour a small amount into the palm of your hand before using Antisedine. Apply the product to the entire head without rubbing it into the skin. Subsequently, the hair is combed out. Wash off as needed, but no sooner than after 8 hours.

To restore the natural colour shade, it is necessary to apply the product every day. Once a week is sufficient for preventive care.

This product is actively discussed on the Internet. The lotion’s makers write that it restores pigmentation and eliminates the causes of greying. Despite the fact that buyers praise Antisedin, many say that it is useless and short-lived effect.


To replenish macro- and micro-nutrients, it is necessary to take multivitamins.

IMPORTANT: A micro or macronutrient deficiency can only be detected with a blood test.

Selmevit is one of the modern preparations used in the treatment of early graying. It contains 11 vitamins and 9 minerals. The medication makes the body more resistant to seasonal illnesses, stress and nervous tension.

Multivitamins such as Multi-Tabs, Pentovit and Alphabet have a similar effect.


Premature greying is sometimes traced to a metabolic disturbance caused by a poor diet. Correcting one’s diet is an important step in solving this problem. People who are obese and women who are underweight are at risk.

IMPORTANT: The diet should include products containing copper, zinc, selenium, molybdenum, carotene, vitamins B, C, E, D, pantothenic acid, biotin and pyridoxine.

Hair is severely affected by high levels of sugar and saturated fats. If you limit foods like bread, butter, lard, fatty meats, sweets, the appearance of your hair will improve. This helps, in combination with medication, to restore the lost colour of the curls.Фрукты

Salon treatments against grey


D’Arsonvalization is a physiotherapeutic procedure, it has no direct therapeutic effect. A high-frequency current is applied to the scalp, which stimulates the microcirculation of the blood in the capillaries and improves the condition of the follicles. The treatment promotes hair growth and strengthens the hair and eliminates dryness, flaking and itching. D’Arsonvalisation is used as a complementary treatment for grey hair.Дарсонваль

A course of 15 treatments is included. The duration of a single session is at least 15 minutes.


Mesotherapy is a vitamin cocktail that is injected into the skin to compensate for the lack of micronutrients necessary for hair growth and colour retention. The skin is disinfected with an alcoholic liquid and the solution is then injected a few millimetres under the skin with a fine needle. The session time is 35-40 minutes. A slight burning sensation may occur during the treatment. If an anaesthetic ointment is applied before the injections, the discomfort will almost disappear.

IMPORTANT: Contraindications to mesotherapy are critical days, weakened immune system, endocrine system disorders, cancer, skin lesions and inflammations.

The duration of the course and the composition of the vitamin cocktail is prescribed by a specialist.мезотерапия

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is one of the most effective methods of fighting grey hair. The light beam on the skin of the head stimulates the formation of melanocytes in the root sacs, brings on an active blood flow and intensifies the nutrition of the bulbs.Лазеротерапия

IMPORTANT: Your skin must be examined by a beautician before the treatment who will determine the duration and intensity of the treatment.


Massage is the most suitable method of preventing or treating premature graying, which is caused by poor circulation and a lack of metabolism. This treatment can be done at home or in a salon.

The massage should be performed at least 14 days. If gray hair is due to genetic predisposition or stress, massage will not help.

Prevention of early graying

There are a few recommendations that can help to delay the appearance of grey:

  1. Include foods rich in protein, fibre and vitamins in your diet. These might include cheese, meat or lettuce. Add iodised salt to food.
  2. Visit a trichologist once a year.
  3. Enjoy life and try to avoid stress.
  4. Take proper care of your hair. Once a week, apply a vitamin mask. Try to use a hairdryer and irons less often. Wear a hat when it’s cold. Also remember to protect your hair from the sun during the summer.
  5. Don’t smoke.
  6. Maintain an active lifestyle and sleep schedule.
  7. Choose cosmetics according to your skin and hair type.
  8. Don’t forget to massage your scalp during the day. You should use a massage brush for this.спорт

Proper Hair Care for White Hair

Grey hair requires special care. The following tips should be followed to keep your curls in good condition:

  1. Don’t forget to moisturise your hair.
  2. Change your diet. Include products containing B vitamins, protein, calcium, silicon and zinc.
  3. Use a special cosmetic. Shampoos and conditioners for damaged or coloured hair are suitable.
  4. Avoid foam, polish and wax.
  5. Trim split ends regularly.
  6. Avoid perms, colouring, contrasting bleaching and permanent colouring.
  7. Do not wear your hair loose. Wrap it in a ponytail or plait.подстригание волос

The appearance of the first grey hair is always unpleasant and, for girls, a real stressor. While there’s no universal cure for grey hair, there’s always a solution. With proper care, nutrition and a comprehensive treatment prescribed by a trichologist, your hair will be beautiful and healthy again, you will be back in a good mood and you will be able to enjoy every moment of life!

The author is an online hair magazine expert. I am passionate about beauty and fashion and am always up to date with the latest news from the world of beauty and fashion.

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