Trendy summer haircuts and hairstyles 2022

Summer is the time for the most unconventional and risky ideas. It’s the summertime when you want to change your look. So let’s start with hair, for example.
It can be difficult to change your look, but just imagine how people will look at you. A new haircut always gets a lot of attention, and to get that attention you need to be in tune with the latest trends. So here is a selection of the most fashionable haircuts and hairstyles for summer 2022.

Trendy summer haircuts 2022

Pixie hairstyle

A pixie cut is a very short haircut. The length of hair in this haircut will not be more than 10 centimeters.
The pixie haircut features different hair lengths. At the back of the hair is the shortest length and the obligatory presence of oblique fringes. The fringes can be joined on one side to create an asymmetrical effect.

It’s the haircut of choice for the boldest and most daring girls. The rest of the look should be appropriate with this haircut.
The most fashionable haircut for the summer of 2022 is the balayage haircut. It’s a combination of several colour tones, resulting in multi-coloured strands.

A short brace hairstyle

In summer, the heat overcomes us and we want to do something with our hair or make it shorter. The perfect solution, in this case, is the trendy summer haircut short braids.
The short haircut is the same classic haircut with a straight cut, but the length is not below the earlobe, perhaps even shorter. The ideal complement to such a haircut would be curtain fringes or straight fringes.

The asymmetrical braid hairstyle

In the past few years, the asymmetrical cut has gained enormous popularity. Both young girls and older ladies have tried it on for their looks. And in the summer of 2022, this haircut will also be in fashion.
The asymmetrical haircut is a classic haircut, but the strands are of different lengths. it can be done so that one side reaches the earlobe, and the other only to the middle. In such a haircut, it is better to refuse fringes so that the difference in the lengths of the strands is clearly visible.

For summer, try an asymmetrical haircut, but with unusual colouring. For example, use two colours. One natural, the other bright, such as a combination of dark blush and pink moi purple. This would be perfect for the summer season.

Cascade hairstyle

The cascade cut is probably the most versatile cut at any length. Whether your hair is medium length or long. But the trendiest summer haircut for 2022 is the cascade on long hair.
During the summer, a cascade style will look more effective on the burned-out strands. And thanks to the sun even more shimmer in different colours.
Cascade looks very beautiful on flat hair. It can also be done with a slight twist. But if you have fine curls, on the type of afro curls, then this haircut is better to give up. That’s because it’s going to get a lot of tangled hair.

Braids hairstyle

The summer of 2022 is a good time to remember braids. Do braids in any way you like. It can be a braided braid, a twisted braid, a voluminous side braid or a half-crown braid. Whatever you can do that works for you. But if you’re doing the simplest braid then it’s best to plait the braids a little.
To make different braids, you don’t have to have long hair. It is possible to do braiding even on short hair.

Bundle hairstyle

In summer, you always want to do something with your hair. If you don’t dare go for a short haircut, then the trendy summer hairstyle of the bun is for you.
It can easily be done on all hair lengths below the ear line. It can be a careless bundle with loose strands or a neatly smoothed one. They will all be on-trend.
Pretty unusual buns can be created using pencils or tassels instead of an elastic band.

Beach curls hairstyle

When better than in summer to do the beach curls hairstyle. These curls look as natural and beautiful as possible. They can easily be made by applying foam to damp hair and kneading it while drying with a hair dryer.
You can add small hair accessories to the beach curls. This can be a headband or small hairpins, hairpins.
In summer, this hairstyle will look harmonious on holiday and in the city.

A mallard hairstyle

The mackerel hairstyle was in fashion in summer 2019 and will be no less relevant next 2022. And the reason is that it’s very comfortable due to the gathered front strands. And also charming due to the loose hair.
The front strands can be secured in several ways. For example, with hairpins in the form of a small crab or with a bobby pin. Or you can braid the front strands into braids and secure them together.
Forget the 2022 massive pearl barrettes from 2019.
Another interesting option is to gather the strands with a rubber band and not skip them all the way through in the last twist to create a kind of curl.

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