20 main fashionable men’s hairstyles of summer 2022

Want to pump up your style for summer? You should start with your hair. We collected for you valuable information from the main barbers and stylists and made a selection of the most actual hairstyles and colors of summer-2022.

Top 5 trends in young men’s haircuts this summer
Realizing that summer is the perfect time to experiment, stylists are increasingly offering extravagant hairstyle options and make the trends as bright as possible. Still the king of trends is the mohawk, but our regular readers already know everything about it. So let’s focus on more complex and curious fashion trends.

At the peak are textured haircuts, long hair and a braid, which are increasingly advised to texture with the help of care products.

The combination of a short haircut with the effect of wet hair also remains popular in the summer season.

It is worth mentioning that curls this season should also be worn with hair gel and preferably in a short haircut with shaved temples.

Let’s not lose sight of the graphic lines. In summer, we will again wear patterns on shaved temples and pronounced partials.

In parallel, there is a trend for naturalness and careless hairstyles in the style of a young Robert Pattinson.

Crew Cut, Brit, and other popular options for men’s short hairstyles for summer 2022

More shaved temples! That’s the motto of haircuts with short hair this summer. And this is a great opportunity to try out underground and maximum stylish hairstyles.

Classic Brit

Originally from the Foggy Albion, this hairstyle has an interesting history: when the fashion revolution took place in the 1950s, people began to get rid of excessive rigor, and the British haircut was born as a symbol of the rejection of overrated values. It is very distinctive, with its bangs and the nape of the neck raised, and with the temples either shaved or made as short as possible.



It is considered a classic haircut for men because it is the most versatile. It has small bangs and short hair at the nape and temples with a smooth transition to longer curls in the parietal area.

The main advantage is the ease of styling and care. Good for square and oval facial features as well as wavy hair.

Crew Cut

Crew Cut

The Crew Cut hasn’t gone out of style for a long time, and this year is no exception. And its trick is that it suits almost all types of faces. Although in some cases, stylists do not advise it for skinny guys.

Box cut

Box cut

Another versatile haircut, which has a graduated character: the back part is almost completely shaved, and the hair becomes longer at the top. But the hair on the bangs can be up to three centimeters long.


In contrast to the hairstyle box, the trim on the back of the head is lower, that is, there is less shaved area.

In contrast to the hairstyle box, the trim on the back of the head is lower, that is, there is less shaved area.

Trends in men’s haircuts for summer for medium-length hair


The middle length of hair, the most popular among men, has given rise to a huge number of haircut options. We have collected the most popular, but stylists strongly advise to experiment and come up with something unique.

The classic square brace


The carriage in the classic version has a flat cut, and the detachment of curls here is zero, it literally goes to the floor. This is the most common and versatile form of haircut at medium hair length.

To diversify a little bit the carriage is possible with a special pomade or paste for the hair, it will help to make the curls more structured. The main thing here is not to go overboard, otherwise, you will get a mane that will look unnaturally stiff. For long hair, you can use the paste Redken with the telling name Work Hard, it gives a natural texture and flexible styling shape.

Also, do not be afraid to experiment with gels. The wet-hair effect on the karee this season is a trend, though not for everyone, but definitely worthy of attention.

Graduated curls


The graduated braid, unlike the classic one, has the hair pulled back vertically or perpendicular to the head. As a result, the hairstyle is noticeably more airy. It works well with both stiff and soft hair.

Men’s bob

unisex hairstyle

A voluminous and expressive unisex hairstyle that gained popularity among women at the beginning of the last century and took over the world of men’s fashion by the 60s. It is characterized by bangs shortening to the temples and spherical volume throughout the head.

During the existence of the hairstyle appeared a lot of variations. This summer, the long bob with textured curls will be especially relevant.

Slick Cut

Slick Cut

Another haircut that was gaining popularity in the middle of last year and has become relevant again just now. Its feature is shaved temples, which are combined with relatively long hair in the area of the crown and bangs.

For an appropriate effect, long hair should be styled back with gel or wax.



Similar to the Slick Cut hairstyle with the only difference being that the curls in the bangs are left longer.

The undercut has been on trend for a few seasons now, but it will remain relevant this summer as well.



Grunge involves filleting the temporal and occipital parts with the effect of grown back and sparse hair. In the parietal zone, curls are left up to three centimeters, and there are practically no bangs.



Along with grunge and undercut, this is another version of the retro cut. It is visually reminiscent of the famous Elvis Presley pompadour, but the bangs are less long and the curls at the temples and occiput are evenly shortened to the bottom.

This hairstyle is adapted to the modern realities and is great for a celebration as well as if you work every day in the office with a business dress code.

The most stylish hairstyles for the summer for long hair

Global brands do not stop popularizing long men’s hair, with both curls and straight hair without styling being particularly common.

Textured curls

Textured curls

They can also be called surfer curls, when the salt water makes their hair tougher and takes on a unique texture. This is the result that stylists are now trying to achieve on the hair of the inhabitants of megapolises.

Curls are released at 15-20 centimeters, they are evenly cut along the entire length and styled with special products: for example, with texturing spray Beach Wave by L’Oréal Professionnel. It’s a product based on saline minerals that creates a natural matte beach style.



This hairstyle includes a flat haircut without the cascade technique. It is ideal for those who want to visually lengthen the features and make the face more harmonious.



The form includes all variations of asymmetry in a long hairstyle: hair of different lengths, oblique parting, graduated haircut or styling on the side.



Here we consider two options for growing the length for the bundle: the first – from the bangs, the second – in a longer version – on the parietal part. The second bun is also called the Man Bun. It has Japanese roots: in the times of feudalism in this country, men released curls of 15 centimeters in length and tied bundles with them.

The temples in this case can also be long or shaved.

BEST Hairstyles For 2022 | Men’s Hair Trends

What are the trendiest hairstyles for men?

What are the trendiest hairstyles for men?

Fringe is one of the trendiest hairstyles for men in modern times. From French crops to long bangs, there is a fringe style that perfectly matches you and your needs. Moreover, There are lots of fringe hairstyles like Angular, Textured, French crop, Side-swept, and a lot more.

What are the best men’s hairstyles to get in 2022?

Whether you have thick, thin, wavy or curly hair, here are the best men’s haircuts to get in 2022. The slicked back undercut hairstyle is a trendy mix of classic and modern styles. It works best with medium-length hair, and styling is as simple as blow-drying your hair back while using a brush to control the direction.

What are the Best Hairstyles for beginners?

If you like the look of the crop but want something simple and classic, try out a Caesar. Traditionally, a Caesar cut consists of cutting the hair to the same length all over and cutting the fringe straight across.

What are the Best Hairstyles for men with beards?

It works best when your hair is three to four inches long on top, and you can style it with a pomade or wax that offers moderate to high hold to keep it looking stylish all day. The modern side swept hairstyle is trendy and hot on most guys, and the combed over look pairs especially well with a full beard.

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