Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Undoubtedly, the bridesmaid hairstyle is a question that is better to think about in advance. Perhaps if you are invited to a friend’s wedding, it is worth discussing your outfit and hairstyle with her beforehand. Perhaps you can also explore fashionable options for celebratory and appropriate hairstyles for bridesmaids and bridesmaids.

Bridesmaid hairstyle: photo on medium, long and short hair

Without a doubt, a suitable bridesmaid hairstyle can be created on the hair of any length. Perhaps when creating a look, you should avoid excessive decor, excessive volume and a lot of styling products.

For the rest, it is probably better to be guided by the style of the wedding, as well as your own taste, length and structure of hair.

Bridesmaid hairstyle for medium hair

Of course, any dressy evening style can easily be created on medium length hair.

There are many ways to make a beautiful ponytail. In addition, it is a spectacular and simple style that will always be appropriate.

If you don’t have long enough strands for intricate styling, why not try hair accessories.

By the way, the bridesmaid hairstyle with bangs can be supplemented with a headband. Then the ends of the long bangs can be hidden under the decoration.

In addition to accessories, a festive bridesmaid hairstyle will also decorate a light perm.

Bridesmaid hairstyle for long hair

Of course, the bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair is a great variety. For example, to look smart and concise will help all kinds of braids and plaits.

Owners of long hair can braid around the head. The hair will be noticeable and will emphasize the shape of the face and neck.

In addition, it is worth trying bunches with elements of braiding. Perhaps the bundle is a classic of wedding etiquette. Such a bridesmaid hairstyle will show not only your restraint, but also a fine sense of style.

Of course, hairstyles for bridesmaids can be decorated with artificial or fresh flowers. This is especially relevant, for example, if you are going to a wedding party in boho-style.

Bridesmaid hairstyle for short hair

Without a doubt, as a bridesmaid hairstyle for short hair will suit curls.

Rather festive looks and Hollywood wave on short hair, not reaching the chin.

By the way, if you plan to participate in wedding contests, dance and help the bride, it is important to have a style that will not disintegrate when you move.

Not excluded on short hair and elements of braiding.

Finally, you can try to surprise everyone with a sophisticated and dainty sleek hairstyle.

Wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids

A wedding is considered the most responsible event in the life of every girl. On this significant day, not only the bride should look beautiful, but also her maid of honor. The image of the witness should be chosen in accordance with the stylistics of the main hero of the occasion, so you should think in advance about the style of the dress, makeup and hairstyle.

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Features and traditions

The bridesmaid is one of the main persons at the wedding, because she accompanies the newlywed throughout the celebration. According to tradition, the maid of honor can be a girl of any age. Since she is entrusted with many functions and is considered the “assistant” of the bride, her attire and hairstyle design should be no less attractive. When choosing a hair style for the bridesmaid, it is important to consider the image of the newlywed, as identical styles are not allowed.

A bridesmaid hairstyle should be both stylish and understated, it is chosen with the following nuances in mind.

  • Appearance. Girls with a beautifully pronounced figure and a high growth suitable classic evening hairstyle. Ladies of medium build and height are desirable to give preference to a more puffy shape with a fleece. If your girlfriend has a high forehead, it must be hidden behind long bangs, it can be given a oblique or straight shape. Round-faced ladies are not recommended to comb back the strands, it is better to make them with curls.
  • The model of the dress. The choice of the style of the outfit also determines the stylistics of hair styling. Going to the wedding of a friend in a long dress, the witness is undesirable to dissolve the hair, they must be carefully gathered in a ponytail or a small bundle. Short dresses, on the other hand, will be beautifully combined with long curls.
  • Length of hairstyle. The owners of lush hair are lucky, as for them you can choose a lot of styling models, ranging from the “French crayon” and ending with a “Greek” braid. Girls who have medium-length hair or a short haircut, you can grow some strands, they will look natural and will give the missing volume. In addition, the styling on short hair should be supplemented with decorative accessories.

The bridesmaid is recommended to opt for a more simplified version, as the bride should have the most beautiful image. With this in mind, girls should not sprinkle the strands with sequins and use white hairpins or flower buds as decorations. A good choice for these hairstyles would be colored ribbons or headbands.

Overview of popular styling

Today, there are many types of hairstyles that you can choose for your bridesmaid. All of them are distinguished by their original execution and chic. The following models of hairstyles are very popular with girls.

  • French” braid. This hairstyle is ideal for witnesses who have long hair. You can use it and young beauties with a short haircut, for this you only need to give volume to the curls due to artificial strands, which are usually attached to hairpins. To create such an elegant and attractive braid, you will need a satin bow, thin elastic bands and hairpins. The styling begins from the upper part of the bangs, in this case it should be noted that the braid must be plaited not in the usual way, in this case the strands are put under the bottom. The result is an original hairstyle with a convex shape. If desired, the hair can be decorated with hairpins with pearls or colored stones, and in the center there is a satin bow.
  • Ponytail. This option is most often chosen for girls with an ideal face shape. Ladies who have a high forehead should avoid it, as the facial oval will be additionally elongated. Stacking is carried out with the help of a flat comb, nail polish, hair extensions and elastic bands. The wide strand is separated and fixed with an elastic band, the other strands are gathered in a ponytail. It is important to watch that the strands were placed neatly. The hairpins must be chosen according to the shade of the hair.
  • Large curls. This evening hairstyle is good because it can be applied to both long and medium hair. In addition, it is enough to use only mousse or varnish for styling. This style looks smart and elegant, well in harmony with any outfit. The styling begins with the overhang of the strands, then forms curls with a curling iron or curlers. Each curl should be fixed with varnish and straightened.
  • Basket. This style is suitable for medium hair and is often used when you need to create summer hairstyles. They are characterized by a gentle look and a simple way of design. The hair is first washed, then dried not to the end and treated with a special gel. The curls become “docile”, they are separated into a straight parting and started braiding from the left temple. The remaining hair can be either hidden in a ponytail or left separately curled.
  • Bohemian” braids. This hairstyle model is chosen for the boho look. It is striking for its sophistication and chic. The plaits are braided and fastened with hooks or hairpins, they should join in a single braid and have a whole look. Additionally, the hair can be decorated with small accessories.

How can you do it with your own hands?

Most girls who are chosen as a bridesmaid, think about how to make an evening hairstyle: to use the services of a professional hairdresser or arrange the styling yourself at home.

If you give preference to the first option, it is necessary to agree in advance with the master, as such celebrations mainly fall on weekends. But it is worth considering that the witness will have to be near the bride from the early morning, to help her dress and mentally support her.

Therefore, it is best to opt for the creation of hairstyles at home. Despite the fact that the process of decorating the evening hairstyle is complicated, it can be easily managed without a hairdresser, as the wedding hairstyle of the bridesmaid should be simple.

The classic and quick style is as follows:

  • Straight hair must be curled with a curling iron or curlers;
  • Make braids, varnish them and neatly tie at the back of the head with a satin ribbon;
  • Complete the styling with highlighted strands and beautiful hairpins.

No less attractive will look and hairstyle with a ponytail. To do this, the hair is washed, dried, then mousse is applied to it and curls are formed. All strands should be gathered into one big ponytail and fix the styling with braces or hairpins. The hair should be twisted in a clockwise direction.

Owners of long hair can make a style with loose strands, for this they give a wavy look. First, before such a style to create a volume in the root zone. This is done with a special powder. Hair is separated into separate locks, each of which is fixed by varnish or mousse. Then the strands are gathered into a bundle and dried again with a hair dryer, resulting in a chic and wavy curls. In the place of the parting it is recommended to pin the hair with decorative elements.

If the witness has chosen a voluminous braid as her evening hairstyle, then with such a hairstyle should be practiced for several days. To get lush hair, it is necessary to learn how to properly put strands under the bottom, especially after reaching the back of the head in the process of braiding. When finished, the strands are gathered into a beautiful bun in the form of a shell and fix it with decorative hairpins. To make the style “last” the whole day, you need to cover it with varnish with a strong fixation.

Beautiful women who have curls of medium length, do not need to despair, as they can also make a beautiful and original styling. The optimal option in this case is considered a high bundle. The strands are carefully combed and, tilting the head down, gather a pony tail. It is necessary to fix the hair with a thick rubber band, otherwise the external bundle will look ugly. Around the elastic band, the strands are evenly distributed and fastened with bobby pins. To give romanticism will help a few curls, released on the sides.

A good choice would also be a hairstyle with curls. It can be done with or without a net. Start the styling from the middle of the head: form a parting from the center, fix a strand in a bundle. It can be arranged in a ring and decorated with a small flower bud. Similarly, the same is done with all the strands. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the styling turned out not to be oversaturated with decorations. Two curls are released on the sides.

Beautiful images

The wedding image of the newlywed’s girlfriend should be as flawless as the heroine of the occasion, so before the celebration it is necessary to carefully think through all the details, including including the outfit, hairstyle and makeup. Special attention should be paid to the face and give it an even color and luster. In such a makeup there are no mistakes and the presence of defects. A few weeks before the wedding, the witness should bring the hair, face and neck skin in order, using for this purpose nourishing lotions, milk and masks. On the day of the reception, well-moisturized hair will be easy to style, and a cleansed face will only need to apply day cream.

To make sure that the hair complemented the girl’s image harmoniously, it is recommended to choose light shades of foundation and shadows for makeup. Thanks to the neutral color scheme in cosmetics, you can avoid unwanted contrast during the wedding photo shoot. Blue-eyed beauties are recommended to paint the locks in light shades, they will be advantageously emphasized by shades of chocolate, orange and yellow. Shades of blue and purple will do for gray-eyed girls.

In addition, in the makeup must be present colored blush, they will further highlight the cheekbones and accentuate the beauty of graceful styling. Rouge should be chosen according to the color of your skin and hair. Most often pink and terracotta colors are used for the evening image. For the image of the witness to remain unchanged throughout the celebration, it is recommended to use products for hair styling with a strong fixation and give preference to waterproof cosmetics.

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