Top 20 Bubble Braid Hairstyles Ideas

What better way to improve your mood than with a good hairstyle? And with that in mind, it’s no wonder that more than a thousand have been invented. And for us, it opens up a whole new realm of creativity.

Although the choice of hairstyles is enormous, we often find it difficult to choose the most suitable hairstyle without drowning in a sea of different hairstyles. You will still have to make a decision, and we will try to help you do it.

Since ancient times, people have been tying their hair in a ponytail, as it is very convenient and practical. And indeed, ancient people didn’t have any hairdressing tools. But, despite the huge number of complex and unusual hairstyles, such a favorite hairstyle ponytail is not going to give up its leading positions. After all, this fairly simple hairstyle will allow you to stay attractive under any circumstances. As for the more elaborate versions of this hairstyle, its popularity becomes clear.

Bubble ponytail, also known as a granular or bubble ponytail, is a fairly simple and very original way to change your look.

This hairstyle can be done very easily, you just need to use a few rubber bands, which should be spread evenly along the entire length of the ponytail. This should be done so that the hair that is between the elastic bands looks like a ball or bubble. This hairstyle looks very original, which makes it very popular among stars and common people who like everything beautiful.

hairstyle bubble
hairstyle bubbles

You can adjust the size of the bubble, thereby altering the look of your hairstyle. For example, if you like to experiment, you can do a classic version of this hairstyle with a larger ball at the base and smaller other balls.

This will give you an elegant and simple look that will resemble a braid from afar.

However, if you decide to play around and experiment with the size or number of bubbles, you can create a very original and unusual hairstyle that can even make a splash at some festive event.

Bubble braids: the summer’s hottest trend from the internet

Trenditions in hair and make-up are popping up and going viral online at an incredible rate. This time it’s a hair trend called bubble braids, or bubble braids.

bubble braids
bubble braids

Over the past month, a simple and airy hairstyle like Bubble braids has once again become hugely popular among TikTok and Instagram social media users. It is very easy to do and all you need to create it is a few elastic bands, depending on the length of your hair.

This hairstyle is definitely suitable for owners of long and medium-length hair. Most often this is one or two braids made out of “hair bubbles,” but actually there can be as many variations of performing hairstyles with such elements as you like. Often mistresses use it to frame voluminous hairstyles or intricate braids.

To make Bubble Braids look as neat as possible it is better to stick to two schemes: perfect smoothness or good volume. In the first case, the hair at the base of the ponytail and the bubbles themselves should be smooth, but before doing so, it is better to give them good volume for a clear bubble shape, and then slightly smooth out the hair. In the second case, you can also release the strands at the face and make the ‘bubbles’ more voluminous and fluffy.

In addition, this type of hairstyle is very convenient for customers who like to wear interesting jewellery. Of course, this hairstyle involves the use of silicone elastic bands, but this is only a base that can be concealed with a wrapped strand of brighter jewelry.

Bubble Braid: How to replicate Spring 2022’s trendiest hairstyle on any hair

In the second season of Euphoria, Cassie tried on quite a few beautiful looks. One of them is the trendy Bubble Braid hairstyle of the noughties, which literally translates to “bubble braid” 😄 It’s not actually a braid, but rather a ponytail tied throughout the length with elastic bands with equal gaps between them.

This hairstyle looks cute and feminine, and the good news is that it’s very easy to replicate!

How to do Bubble Braids

The Bubble Braid hairstyle is suitable for all hair types, as long as it is long enough to tie the ponytail and separate it into several sections. The technique itself is very simple:

  • First, brush your hair well and put it in a ponytail (low or high, it’s up to you).
  • Step 5-7 centimetres from the base of the ponytail and tie another elastic band around it.
  • To create a “bubble” between the two elastic bands, gently pull strands of hair in different directions.
  • Continue down the ponytail, following the same steps.
  • To fix the hairstyle, you can spray it lightly with hairspray.

With this Bubble Braid technique, you can dream up a whole host of different hairstyles. Make several of these braids at once or start braiding them straight from the roots, decorate them with hairpins, elastic bands or bows – in a word, experiment!

How To Bubble Braid Your Own Hair Video Tutorial

How To Bubble Braid Your Own Hair Tutorial
How do you make a bubble braid?

Take another hairband and tie it a couple of inches further down your ponytail. Using your fingers, tease the space between the first hair band and the second to loosen it into more of a bubble shape. Keep repeating this step another couple of inches down your ponytail until you get toward the bottomBubble Braid

What is a bubble braid?

A bubble braid is one or more ponytails that are tied with hair ties continuously down the ponytail, with about an inch or two of space in between them,” says Richman. “As you secure each section with an elastic, you can spread the hair gently with your fingertips between the two elastics causing a bubble effect.

Do bubble braids damage your hair?

In conversation with CR, Gray admitted he rated them because “bubble braids, if styled correctly, can be less damaging than traditional braids,” he says. “Especially when scrunchies are involved.” “If it’s a ponytail, stick with the same consistency going all the way down,” Gray advised.

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