How to curl your hair beautifully in a few minutes

Natural curls and fine curls are popular again! Here’s how to curl your own hair beautifully for a cool look.

Share our secrets on how to curl your hair with and without tools.

How to curl your hair beautifully with a curling iron
Strangely enough, there are ways to curl your hair beautifully at home even with a straightener. All you need to know is the right technique. Spray your hair with a heat protectant spray before you use the flat iron.

How to curl your hair with a curling iron

  • Separate the hair into loose locks and make sure each one is secured so that it won’t get in the way while you curl it. Next, take one of the loose strands in your hand and squeeze the curl diagonally with the flat iron. Work the hair-tool at a slight angle.
  • Squeeze the strand at the roots and, holding the hair, slowly lower the iron down to the tips.
    Then release the strand from the iron and fix the shape with hairspray.
  • Take a soft natural styling brush and brush the curls all the way through to loosen the curls and give them a natural look.

Finish your curls with a lightly oiled serum or texturizer.
Watch the detailed instructions on how to curl your hair beautifully in the video below.

How do I curl my own curls?

Separate the hair into several strands, depending on how thick it is.
Select one strand and grip it with the straightener at the desired level: from the middle of the hair length or just the tips.
Keeping the straightener parallel to the floor, rotate it first through 360 degrees and then vertically.
Repeat with all the strands.

How quickly and easily can I curl my hair?

Here’s how to curl your hair quickly without curlers on ordinary cloths.
Start by shampooing your hair and towel drying it.
Comb your hair with a soft brush and apply styling gel, mousse or foam.
Separate your locks into medium-thick strands.
Take 10 locks to create a spectacular style.

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