Ombré without colouring with hair extensions

Ombre hair is one of the trends of the last few seasons that is still going strong right now. Only, you don’t have to dye your hair to get it. Ombre extensions are the optimal solution. With its help, you can correct not only the colour, but also the length, thickness, hide flaws and make your hair more voluminous. 

Hair for hair extension is taken only from natural sources. They are dyed beforehand, so they are ready for use. This method is best suited for dark hair, but it can also be used for blonde hair as the effect is more pronounced on black hair. Hair extensions are available in the best price and high quality.


Can you do ombré without dyeing your hair

Until recently, it was difficult to give a positive answer to this question in Ukraine. Only the beauty industry is developing rapidly, and ombré extensions done on dark hair have become a reality.

For this purpose, natural hair and the effect of two shades of different colours are used. Dark hair doesn’t need to be applied with an aggressive dye, bleach and damage your strands, you can just use special hair extensions. The procedure is affordable.

If you dye natural dark hair, it is difficult, expensive and dangerous for your locks to achieve the desired effect. Blonde dye will not immediately bleach the ends as desired. You have to do the procedure several times.

Even if you manage to get the colour right the first time, the natural hair can be severely damaged. As a result, the price and expensive cosmetics delivery to Ukraine will be an unpleasant surprise. It is better to use the ombré extension technique without changing the natural colour. Then you won’t have to pay such a high price for the fashion trend.

Features of ombré extensions

Natural hair is used for ombré extensions. Their price in Ukraine depends on the quality and number of strands in one set, width and length. For the procedure, hair is used for extensions, the colour of which has been changed beforehand.

To perform manipulation, hair extension by band or capsule method, as well as pinning technique is used. They allow for a quality effect without changing the natural colour. Ribbon extensions are a cold technique and are very safe. The only contraindication is an allergic reaction to the material itself or redness, scalp irritation due to other reasons.

This option is perfectly suitable for dark hair. For fixation, special tapes with glue are used. The strands are attached to your own hair, with a slight indent from the roots, so as not to put extra weight on your hair.

Capsule hair extension is a hot method, which involves attaching keratin capsules to the hair with the help of thermo-cutting tongs, which provide heating to a temperature of 150 degrees. The price is justified by the lasting effect – up to 3-6 months.

Is ombré extensions suitable for black hair

white hair

Ombre extensions are best suited to black hair. On lighter shades, this technique is not often used. The strands are superimposed on your own dark hair, blended with it. The colour is created evenly. The blonde ends perfectly shade the black roots.

In our online shop you can buy at an affordable price any necessary materials and tools to change the colour. You should also make sure that this procedure is performed by a proven master. The price for services in Ukraine depends on complexity of the work. It is not recommended to perform hair extensions by yourself to prevent damage.

Re-do manipulations should be done in 3-6 months. Preservation of the original appearance for a few months is one of the main advantages of hair extensions. We can’t ignore corrections, as the ends of our own hair grow back, so we need to change hair extensions to protect them from damage.

What is ombré hair?

Ombre is a colouring technique that was originally used to create a sunburst effect on hair. The hair was lightened from about mid-length to the tips, and the boundary between the shades was blurred and smooth.

What’s the difference between ombré and balayage?

The ombré, unlike the balayage and chastouche techniques, allows for a visible border from one shade to the next. In ombré colouring, the hair is also combed over, but at the same level (e.g. at the temples).

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