Men’s wedding hairstyles

Not only the bride, but also the groom wants to look attractive at his own wedding. Men also want to match the bride’s image, which is why men’s hairstyles for weddings are so popular these days. In modern society, a man who is well groomed from head to toe evokes positive emotions in complete strangers.

The right approach to his appearance gives an opportunity to look successful and respectable. The condition and style of our hair plays a significant role in our image. It’s not for nothing that hair is considered a man’s calling card.

Tips for choosing men’s hairstyles for a wedding

To the selection of hairstyles for such a celebration is necessary to approach seriously and thoroughly. Modern trends are incredibly varied, so every groom can choose a hairstyle in any colour and shape.

Popular hairstylists advise against drastically changing your style with a new haircut just before the big day: it is possible that the man will not be very comfortable in the new look.

A pre-designed look is the perfect solution. The newlyweds won’t have time to make changes on the wedding day if something goes wrong. Clean and prepared for styling will be the key to a beautiful and lasting hair style for the wedding ceremony

It’s important to look natural and natural, and an excessive amount of hairspray or gel can lead to an impression of unwashed hair. It’s worth keeping this in mind if a man decides to do his own hair.

A haircut should be tailored to a specific hair type. A couple of tips can be given in this regard.

  • For men with stiff hair type, short haircuts are great. Like the ‘do-it-yourself’ option which does not require any styling at all.
  • Laconic, formal hairstyles may be perfect for those with soft or medium-stiff hair. For them, a good styling spray is a good way to lock them in place on the day.

When it comes to the preparation of the image of the wedding ceremony, it is worth taking a careful approach and in everything to be in moderation. For this reason, do not be overzealous with fixatives, otherwise the men’s hairstyle will become theatrical.

Examples of men’s formal hairstyles

There are several options for festive hairstyles that are in great demand among grooms. Men, just like women, should take into consideration the properties of their hair, figure and distinctive facial features when choosing a hairstyle. For an elegant and stylish look, there is a hairstyle to match.

  • Classic. This is the most familiar and popular style of hairstyling. The hair length for this look should not exceed 5-8 cm. The styling is quite simple: it is enough to comb the hair along its entire length on the right or left side. This approach to hairstyle adds restraint and masculinity to the image of the groom. Any shape of the face is suitable for this hairstyle. Something similar is used in the image of the business and successful men going out.
  • To perform a retro styling need to be the owner of the medium hair length. Such a style looks harmonious with the bright accents in the whole image of the man. In addition to the harmonious image can be shoes covered with varnish, a special, unusual cut of a wedding suit, a bright tie. If the celebration is planned in the “Stilyag” style, the Elvis Presley image will look appropriate with such a cock.
  • For bright and creative young people, an eccentric and sparse look is a great option. The combination of different lengths and styles of hair can look quite enchanting. For example, a short-cut hair at the back of the head and long fringes in the front.
  • True conservatives will be fine with a sporty hairstyle; this haircut does not require any drastic changes. The image in this case will be a very formal and conservative.
  • Asymmetrically cut hair with a classic bob as the base will be perfect for the grooms who are style-prone and give preference to clean lines, self-sufficient and confident. Such a hairstyle looks great on thick, smooth hair with a darker shade.
  • Its glamourous look is undeniable. Perfect styling when not a single hair wave is sticking out and the crown is slightly lifted and voluminous, combined with trimmed temples.
  • Alightly floppy mop is perfect for the rebellious type. Go for a military-inspired look. Hair can be brushed back into place using a special gel and then pushed back into the hair roots. This hairstyle can be quite distinguished with a neatly tapered beard.

Suggesting a festive hairstyle according to the shape of the face

It is no secret that the hair should skillfully hide human flaws and emphasise the advantages.

  • The ideal facial contour is considered an oval. Owners of this face are able to afford any hairstyle, such as ultra-short, sleek hair and combs. Also suitable for these men are variants with framing strands on the sides or a completely open face. Only puffy fringes on the forehead are not recommended for an oval-shaped face, this can lead to its rounding.
  • A round face must be visually elongated, so shortened or cropped hair at the temples and longer fringes are a great solution. It would also look great with a styling that looks like ripped ends and asymmetry.
  • For the owners of the square face are well suited different variants of haircuts-styles: short and long. All of them will create a masculine image, and the presence of a beard will only enhance the effect.
  • Oval face in the form of a triangle of the hair volume of the contraindicated, sleek styling, classic rigor and a small fringes, beveled sideways, perfectly adorn such a man.

Useful tips from the hairdressing stylists

The hairstyle and hairstyle of the newly married couple should reflect the young man’s personality and not just follow the latest trends. Some expert advice on how to achieve a glamorous look are worth listening to.

  • a man should take care of the health of his hair, use the services of professionals regularly, keep it clean and fresh, if necessary, to make nourishing masks;
  • for the newlywed couple to look good, attention should be paid to matching the images of the newlyweds.

Creating a wedding hairstyle with your own hands

If the man does not plan to add any significant changes to his bow, and the structure of the hair allows it, it is quite possible to refuse the services of a professional. A classic hairstyle is suitable for any occasion and look, and it is quite simple in its creation. There are two ways to go about it.

  • Near the temple on the left side of the head is created one continuous row, and the hair carefully staged with the help of gel. A light backcomb is placed on the fringes and volume is added using a special lacquer. This is known as ‘British style’.
  • The side part of the bangs can be arranged on either side with a fine-toothed comb. The rest of the hair is then styled with mousse and the rest of the hair is left unruffled.

An equally simple option for a do-it-yourself look is retro styling. A part of the hair on the forehead is stacked to one side with a comb to create volume fringes with the tips of the hair in this case pointing to the back of the head. To fix the hairstyle in this case, use a spray with a strong fixer. The rest of the hair is smoothed and gelled.

Men can experiment with the retro hairstyle: combine asymmetry, multi-styles, volume and straightness.

On such a festive day, the newlyweds must look harmonious together, complementing each other’s images. The groom’s own image, suit, shoes and hairstyle should be of no less concern to the bride than her dress, shoes, styling, make-up and ceremony venue

For this reason, men should think about their own image in detail and coordinate it with the bride. It is important to remember that one should not be too picky when it comes to choosing a wedding hairstyle

The hairstyle should look natural and the hair should be well-groomed and neat, with no disguised bald patches or split ends. Maximum solidity can be achieved with an elegance that does not draw extra attention to itself. It is this kind of approach that would be considered the most solid.

Men’s wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles for men: recommendations

The groom’s hair is as demanding as the bride’s. The groom’s hair should match his image. It is now possible to combine a strict suit and hooligan disheveled hair, but this is not always appropriate. A neat, sleek hairstyle will go with the dinner jacket, but any ruffled or sleek style will go with the shirt and bowtie.

Men’s wedding hairstyles for short hair

The classic short haircut. It’s a Ben Affleck- or Robert De Niro-style haircut. That is, short hair (perhaps a little longer than usual), neatly styled in a slanted parting style. It may have a slight lift at the roots to avoid the ‘slicked back’ effect. It is a style that suits almost everyone. It looks great with a classic suit, shirt and tie. It is the choice of those who prefer masculinity and restraint.

What a groom with long hair should do

Long-haired grooms have a tougher time. Before the wedding, the ends have to be trimmed and on the day of the reception, the hair has to be washed and blow-dried.

Not everyone with long hair likes to walk around with it loose. Hairspray can not fix them, the wind choppy, hair in your eyes. A ponytail can also look messy and disheveled. This should be avoided. The hair should be tightly pulled back and well secured with styling products.

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