What is grey camouflage for men: difference from dyeing, technology, before and after photos

Grey hair can appear at a very early age. Many men, before the age of 30, develop grey hair. But such changes add years to one’s life. No one wants to look older. But it’s not customary for men to dye their hair. Grey camouflaging is an ideal option for those who want to camouflage the grey. Let’s look at the details of the procedure.

Камуфлирование седины для мужчин

Grey camouflaging for men – what is it?

Grey camouflaging is a procedure that slightly changes the colour of your hair. It is used to conceal grey hair. This procedure eliminates the contrast between the grey strands and hair that still retains its colour pigment.

Camouflage involves the darkening of grey hair through the use of a special, mildly effective product. The shade of the toner is matched to the natural colour. Only the shade of grey hair changes, while the pigmented hair remains virtually unchanged. This technology makes it possible to achieve soft transitions, resembling natural fading.


The peculiarity of camouflaging lies in the materials used. Dye compositions are ideally suited for grey hair, they do not contain ammonia, so the agents do not penetrate deep into the hair structure, but only tint the outer shell.

Indications for use

The main indication for the gray camouflage is just the appearance of unwanted gray hair. This procedure is used particularly often by young, precocious graying men. The colouring process is also used in the case of severely burned hair.

The main advantages of the procedure:

  • There is no pronounced colouring effect. After toning, only slightly darker gray strands, the whole hair becomes more uniform.
  • The pigment is not washed out suddenly, the change in shade is gradual, so the contrast between tinted and straggled hair is not visible.
  • Maximum duration of the procedure is 10 minutes (the intensity of the colour depends on the soak time).
  • Long-lasting effect. On average, the effect of colouring lasts up to one and a half months. But everything depends on the structure of hair, frequency of washing and the quality of the dye itself.ранняя седина у мужчин

IMPORTANT: The camouflage palette contains only cool shades, as warm shades can give off yellowing. This is all aimed at getting the most natural colour out of your curls.

Grey camouflage can also be done on moustaches and beards. This will complete the look and accentuate the style.

The difference between camouflage and dyeing

The main differences between colouring and camouflaging:

  • The colouring palette is more varied, with colours as varied as blue or red. When doing camouflage for men’s hair, only natural tones are used.
  • There is no ammonia in the dye formulations, so the procedure does not damage the structure of the hair, keeping it healthy. There are no other chemical elements penetrating the skin either.
  • The colouring agent works by containing a special component, ethanolamine. The peculiarity of the component is that it only affects grey hairs, leaving the pigmented ones unchanged.
  • The colour used for male grey camouflage washes off slowly and almost imperceptibly, leaving no abrupt transition. Whereas conventional dye can wash out in the most unusual way.Камуфлирование или окрашивания седины

IMPORTANT: The most important thing in the grey colouring process is to get the shade right. It is difficult for an inexperienced person to cope with this. Therefore, for the first time it is better to go to a salon and ask for help from a professional.

Why is camouflaging more suitable for men?

In our culture, it is still not accepted that men can dye their hair. But what about those who don’t want to walk around with grey strands? The answer is to go for it, which is where camouflaging comes in. It’s now a popular procedure in many barbershops and men’s hairdressing salons.

A woman can apply permanent grey colour to her hair. And grown roots, which differ in colour from the rest of the hair, you can paint over at least every fortnight. And you can do it yourself.

But it is more difficult for men. Ordinary hair coloring is not quite suitable for men’s locks (it depends on the composition of the dye). For camouflaging, the products specifically designed for men’s hair are used. That is why this dye is worn perfectly even on moustaches and beards.

In addition to the above mentioned, colours contain lipid components that saturate hair from inside. So they become textured, vibrant and shimmering. The colour treatments also contain UV filters to protect your locks from environmental damage. Compared to conventional colouring, camouflaging is more

Grey camouflage product review

Cover 5 Camouflage Gel by L’Oréal Professionnel

Perfect for men who value their time. The ingredients are mixed and applied to the hair. Designed to last a maximum of 5 minutes, then rinse immediately. The palette contains only natural looking shades. Grow-out roots are not a problem, because the gel rinses out evenly.Камуфлирующий гель Cover 5 от L'Orеal Professionnel

The product is applied to dry strands, it is not necessary to wash them beforehand.

Hair Touch Up Concealer

Ideal for dark-haired men. It won’t have the effect of a full-on camouflage, but it can help conceal grey hair quickly. Just spray it on and forget about grey until the next wash.Консилер Hair Touch Up

Goldwell Men ReShade Express Grey Corrector

The components are mixed in a special applicator, and the product is applied to the hair in the form of a foam. Color holds on the hair for 5 minutes. It contains vitamin C, which gives the hair a natural shine.Экспресс-корректор седины Men ReShade от Goldwell

Flash Back by Paul Mitchell

It is conditioning, with plant extracts and soy proteins. Together they moisturise the hair, protect it from damage and strengthen it from the inside.Flash Back от Paul Mitchell

Dye is applied to dry hair. Dwell time is 10 minutes. The mixture is then rinsed out and hair is shampooed. The result will last for 1-1,5 months.

American Crew Precision Blend

The formula retains colour for up to 24 wash cycles. The product can be applied in four ways: from softening to full grey coverage.American Crew Precision Blend

The gray camouflage treatment

This process is usually combined with a haircut. This saves time and helps you get your hair in perfect shape in just one salon visit. Just both treatments should be done every month. If you camouflage your hair at home, you can also do without a haircut.

To begin with, you should choose a shade of hair dye. It should match the natural colour of the hair as much as possible. The algorithm for the blending process is as follows:

  1. Wash the hair strands thoroughly. Towel-dry hair, do not use a hair dryer.
  2. Prepare hair care product as directed.
  3. Spray the colouring mixture onto your hair, distributing it evenly through each strand.
  4. Cure for approx. 5-10 minutes (the length of time will vary depending on the desired intensity).
  5. Rinse off with warm running water.
  6. Apply a hair care product that will maintain the health and beauty of your hair and help maintain colour.

The hair is dried and styled in the usual way. The same algorithm can be used for beard and moustache camouflaging.

Peculiarities of the salon and at home

If the procedure is carried out for the first time (or the dyeing agent is used for the first time), it is necessary to test for allergic reactions. Moreover, such testing should be carried out both at home and in the salon. Testing is usually done on an area behind the ear. It is recommended to repeat the procedure twice.

The first time, it is best to have the allergy test done in a salon. There are several reasons for this:

  • The stylist can choose the shade based on your individual facial features and appearance type.
  • The barber has all the necessary tools.
  • Only a professional will determine how long the product lasts on your hair.
  • High-quality colouring requires expensive products. Selecting them yourself is unlikely.

Subsequent times, the colouring can already be done at home, paying attention to all those details emphasised by the barber.

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