How to stop women’s hair turning grey at home

Sooner or later, everyone develops grey hair, but many are concerned about whether this is normal.

If you want to understand why this happens, you should read a little more about it.как остановить седение волос

Why do we get grey hair, and what is normal?

It has long been established that hair colour depends on melanin, which is produced by body cells called melanocytes. Eumelanin, which changes the colour of human hair to a dark brown or even darker colour, and pheomelanin, which gives hair a reddish hue, are both found to produce melanin in the body. These two substances combine to form the basic colour of keratin.седина у подростков

Melanocyte cells are active before a baby is born. But one day, they malfunction and stop producing melanin. Sooner or later, this happens to everyone. But most people wonder ‘why do young people’s hair turn grey?

The main causes of grey hair, according to leading experts:

  • genetics (if you have a family member who turned grey at an early age, there’s an 80% chance that you will, too)
  • previous illnesses;
  • metabolic problems caused by internal organ disorders (stomach, intestines or liver);
  • diabetes mellitus or atherosclerosis;
  • iron deficiency;
  • hormonal failure;
  • vitamin deficiencies;
  • constant dieting; decreased protein intake due to this;
  • inappropriate lifestyle;
  • improper hair care;
  • exposure to ultraviolet light, including not wearing a special cap when you go to the solarium.Изменения гормонального фона

Important: Grey hair in young people is caused by stressful situations, so you should always look after your health.

Medicines for grey hair

There are several medicines that help to eliminate grey colouring:

Antisedine is a lotion to bring back the colour of the strands, making hair softer, prettier and healthier. This product not only eliminates gray strands, but also saves from dandruff and accelerates the growth of the hair. The product contains ammonium chloride, ethyl alcohol, glycerin and sulphur. In addition, there is an extract of horsetail and nettle. The main disadvantage of the product is its pungent aroma. Also, the new colour will be lighter than natural (because gray changes the structural char-ki hair). To achieve the effect, the product must be applied regularly.

Stopsedin is a spray that helps your hair to regain its natural colour, restoring and strengthening the structural part of the strands. The great advantage of the product is that it is suitable for all hair. The spray does not damage the strands, it restores the process of melanin production. It is natural and harmless. There are no contraindications, but an allergic reaction to anything in the product may occur.

Dimethoxy is a solution originally developed not for hair, but to eliminate inflammation on the skin. The fact that it helps to get rid of grey hair is a recent discovery, which is why many people are afraid to use it. Dimethoxid speeds up cell regeneration and affects the blood flow to the bulbs on the head. It strengthens the hair and prevents it from fading.

The hair is strengthened and doesn’t fade When using dimethoxy in the form of a hair mask, you have to dilute it with water. The basic ratio is 1:3, i.e. 1 tsp. diluted with 3 little spoons of water. For people with sensitive skin, it is better to add only half a spoon of dimethoxide or more water. Apply this solution several times a week before going to bed (do not wash your hair before the treatment). The mask is not applied to the strands but to the scalp. It is best to cover the hair with a towel or a polythene hat after the treatment.

Reparex is another effective option to get rid of grey strands. It affects the hair from the inside, so the colour is natural. It’s easy to use and works almost immediately. The medicine should be rubbed into the scalp for 10 days, and then gradually discontinue use. The product is completely safe and causes no side effects.Репарекс

Folic acid is a vitamin that helps to banish grey hair. It is better to take it in tablets and courses (preferably after discussing the intake with a specialist). If you have grey hair, vitamins alone won’t do the trick – you need to combine them with other medicines and treatments.

Vitamins for grey hair

There are vitamins that are considered to be the most effective in the fight against grey hair.

The basic list:

  1. Vitamin A (retinol). Nourishes the skin, boosts metabolism and reparation. Positively affects the production of natural colour and the activity of melanocytes.
  2. Vitamin E (tocopherol). Protects against free radicals, prevents the development of geriatrics. It combines well with vitamin A.
  3. B1 (thiamine). Responsible for the inner hair shafts.
  4. B2 (riboflavin). Boosts blood circulation in the scalp. Deficiency of this vitamin is indicated by dry hair ends with oily roots.
  5. B3 (nicotinic acid). Strengthens hair, activates production of natural colour.
  6. B7 (biotin). Strengthens the metabolism, increasing the impact of other micronutrients. It also stimulates hair growth and stimulates hair density.
  7. B8 (Inositol). Corrects melanocytes, helps feed follicles and protects against gray hair.
  8. B12 (cyanocobalamin). Necessary for the stable functioning of the central nervous system, strengthens the immune system, stimulates cell division of the epidermis. With its deficiency appears gray hair, thinning, becoming thin, dull and weakened.

In order to save yourself from avitaminosis, you must first adjust your diet. Vegetables and fruit should predominate. If this does not help, buy a vitamin complex and take a course.

Shampoos to restore hair colour from gray

In the fight against grey hair, shampoos with a tinting effect are used. The results may not be long-lasting but they will cause obvious damage.Лореаль для седых волос

The effect of this remedy will not only depend on the quality of the product but also on the structural part of the hair. Therefore, to choose the best product for you, you need to consult a professional or test different options.

Folk remedies for grey hair and homemade masks

If you want to enhance the effect of remedies, there are recipes for healing masks, lotions and decoctions that can be applied in different ways. Don’t forget, miraculous plants can help you get rid of grey hair.

Essential oils for hair

As you know, many oils, when applied to your strands, can not only give them shine and freshness, but also fill your hair with beneficial substances.

The first folk recipe is simple, you will need:

  • 70 millilitres of sesame oil;
  • 40 millilitres of thyme oil.масла

How to make and use:

  • Mix the oils and shake a couple of times.
  • Leave to infuse for a month.
  • Massage a small amount of the mixture vigorously into your locks.
  • Let stand for 15 minutes and then rinse out with water.моет голову

Keep using the mixture for 28 days and then your hair colour will stay with you for a long time.

Does henna leave a white-grey streak behind?

Henna is a natural dye that has a positive effect on the scalp and hair. But while it does produce a vibrant colour after dyeing, it’s not as effective against grey hair. However, if you’ve just started to get grey hair, it can help.хна на седые волосы

Can I get grey highlights on my hair?

Greyscale colouring – this can help to cover up grey hair and give your hair a fresh look without causing any serious damage. The important thing is to find a good professional to perform the procedure.

Tinting grey hair

Colouring is a great way to change and refresh your own look, to make grey hair invisible. When dyeing your hair in multiple shades, it is best to opt for lighter colours. They will hide the regrowth of the roots.

Don’t forget that hair colouring is about dyeing your locks, which means they’ll need extra care. You’ll have to use different cosmetic products, a gentle drying regime and moisturising masks.

Haircuts for white hair

If your hair has turned grey, you can opt for the following haircut: ‘Just Like a Boy’. This hairstyle suits women of all ages. It’s a great option for anyone with any face shape.

The short ‘Pixie ‘ cut is also a good option for gray-haired women. The model can be altered slightly, depending on the features of the lady’s appearance. The fringes help with this task.пикси мелирование

Theultra-short “Hedgehog” is not considered popular, but it can be quite an interesting model. With short hair, there is not a lot of maintenance. The only thing you need to do is to refresh the cut and keep an eye on the general condition of your hair.«Ёжик» стрижка для полных женщин

Medium-length options

Medium-length haircuts that help conceal grey hair:

  • long pixie;
  • a cascading down to the shoulders;
  • braids;
  • bob.

The above models are universal.

Longer versions

Long, grey-haired hair can be styled in a Ladder or Cascade version. The loose locks can be moved. Lightweight curls that reduce the appearance of age.каскад на светлые

Long hair can be styled. The most comfortable variant is a bundle. At the same time knot, bump on the back of the head, braid will grow old. It is desirable to make a loose or fluffy bundle in the interval from the top to the back of the head.пучок на короткие волосы

Grey hair can be camouflaged in a variety of ways, but it’s up to you to decide.

However, the best and safest option is to take vitamins and use shampoos.

The author is an online hair magazine expert. I am passionate about beauty and fashion and am always up to date with the latest news from the world of beauty and fashion.

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