DIY Bridal Hair Pins: Step-by-Step Guide

Materials Needed

Creating your own bridal hair pins is a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding day look. All you need is a few basic supplies and a bit of creativity. To get started, you’ll need some hair pins, beads, wire, and a pair of pliers.

Step 1: Choose Your Beads

The first step is to choose the beads you want to use for your hair pins. You can use any type of bead, from glass to plastic to metal. Choose beads that match the color of your wedding dress or the theme of your wedding.

Step 2: Attach the Beads to the Hair Pin

Once you have chosen your beads, it’s time to attach them to the hair pin. Start by cutting a piece of wire that is slightly longer than the length of the hair pin. Then, thread the beads onto the wire and twist the ends of the wire together. Finally, wrap the wire around the hair pin and secure it with the pliers.

Step 3: Add the Finishing Touches

Once the beads are attached to the hair pin, you can add the finishing touches. You can add a few extra beads to the end of the wire for a more decorative look. You can also add a few ribbons or feathers to the hair pin for a more unique look.

Step 4: Wear Your Hair Pins

Once you have finished creating your hair pins, it’s time to wear them. You can wear them in your hair on the day of your wedding or you can give them away as gifts to your bridesmaids. Either way, your DIY bridal hair pins will be sure to add a special touch to your wedding day look.

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